FF7 Remake – Description, Comparison, Development, Game Scenario, and More


What is FF7 Remake?

  • The FF7 Remake that is Final Fantasy 7 Remake, a close-up moves from Aeris’s hands as she drifts off into the distance and high.
  • FF7 Remake allows you to see how the camera leaves behind a giant Midgar.
  • It is in the industrial city where the title takes place and where the original 1997 game began.
  • The camera keeps going up, and Midgar keeps getting more petite and tiny despite being humongous.
  • Then, the camera zooming in again and penetrating between the sectors’ pipes, reaching the train from which Cloud jumps to start his mission as a mercenary.
  • The Remake of this is one of the best games in history begins.

Game Scenario

  • This first scene is quite a declaration of intentions.
  • It focuses on Aeris, more protagonist than ever, and above all on how vast it is, or pretends to be, the area of action of the title.
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake takes place during the events of Midgar, for about 6-7 hours of the original game.
  • It is less when replaying it and what they mean about 30 here without counting secondary missions and extras.
  • The game wants to alert us from the moment that Midgar is giant, has many places.
  • And also, scenarios can host a complete game from beginning to end.

Old and New Midgar

  • The Final Fantasy VII Remake is a game going into detail and leaves no loose moment to satisfy the fan.
    It was announced at E3 2015.
  • On the other hand, a spectacular and contemporary recreation of the significant events of the PSX game.
  • It is seen in spectacular characters, models, dialogues, and scenes to take down great enemies in fireworks that catch the player.
  • It is “impressive” during its first bars because it reflects in the middle of 2020 what we played in 1997.
  • What it means at the technological level and the level of nostalgia.
  • There are several moments where emotion is wasted, but we will not detail them.

The path is combat: the ultimate ATB

  • The Final Fantasy VII Remake has significant development and an apparent structure where the tremendous playable channel is combat.
  • Everything revolves around fighting as the main mechanic. We can say this for two reasons: first because it is the total star of our progress.
  • The second is because the rest is in the background if we stop talking about what we can do at the controls.
  • Final Fantasy and other Square games link to the ATB system, Active Time Battle, a battle system in which a bar is filled to act.
  • In this way, the turns give dynamism depending on the bar reload speed. We can attack more than once before the enemy, or vice versa.
  • Here, the active battle system leaps to the fore to be fully real-time while maintaining the saga’s essence.
  • Basically, with square, we can make regular attacks that recharge the BTC bar to perform actions: own skills, abilities, spells, or objects.
  • The usage of the triangle offers special skills for every character.
  • Cloud has two positions to attack strongly and firmly and to be able to make counter-attack.
  • Tifa has a surprise of her own, and Aeris can charge a magic attack. Barret, launch a loaded cannon that recharges a lot of BTC bar.

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