HP Elite Dragonfly (2020) review: recycled the right way

  • Last year’s HP Elite Dragonfly perhaps is the prettiest business laptop we’ve ever tested and has great review.
  • This year the Dragonfly Elite is almost identical to the machine, which is fine because, again, the Dragonfly HP Elite was exceptional in every way.
  • This new configuration essentially feels and looks like last year’s model.
  • It is still one of the stylish, business-chic laptops on the market and has the most striking design of any convertible HP currently sells.

New Features

HP has changed four things:

  • The Dragonfly is now 5G enabled, even though the feature isn’t coming until mid-2020.
  • A Chaser Tile has been integrated, which is close to the mid-May models.
  • A new privacy-oriented screen includes HP’s latest Ensure Vista Reflects technology.
  • Its mechanical parts are mainly constructed from recycled materials.

Design, RAM, storage, and other features

  • The new Dragonfly is slim, light, pretty, and nearly flawless.
  • You can get the base setup for around $ 1,500, but the model we are looking for at the cost of $ 2,179, which is a reasonable price.
  • Model doesn’t appear to be available on the HP website, but configurations with similar specs.
  • It includes Mosaic, an i7 v-Pro, and the Safe View Mirroring the screen, are in the $ 2,100 to $ 2,700 range, depending on memory.
  • The new features work, but they are luxuries, not staples, for most people.
  • If you are a C-Suite power user who’s always on the go, that might be a worthy spending budget for you.
  • But you will probably be okay with a cheaper Elite Book for less money that is not the object of you or your company.

Good things

  • Make sure Vista Mirror screen
  • Tile tracker works
  • Exceptional keyboard
  • 11-hour battery life

Bad things

  • Expensive
  • The screen is very bright in privacy mode
  • Next-generation processors


  • HP has been introducing recycled materials into Dragonfly Elite for the past year.
  • It is the first ultra book to incorporate ocean-bound plastic (which is plastic from garbage collected in maritime areas, which otherwise would have ended up in the sea).
  • The company said last year’s model was going to incorporate 50 percent of PCR plastics and 5 percent of ocean-bound plastics) in its speaker box and 35 percent of PCR of plastics in its frames.
  • The company’s goals, since then, have become more ambitious.
  • Announced at CES 2020, more than 80 percent of Dragonfly mechanical parts and 90 percent of magnesium chassis are made from recycled materials.
  • This initiative is not specific to Dragonfly; HP says that other new HP Elite and HP Pro computers will incorporate the new composite material components.

Appearance and Touch

  • There is no flex on the computer keyboard and almost none on the screen.
  • The chassis also feels great to the touch; magnesium is smooth, and the rounded edges and corners mean you never peeked out.
  • Fingerprints are often a concern in the dark on products, but the wrist rests and the keyboard remained print-free after many days of use.
  • The touchpad and lid built up some, but I could only see in bright light.
  • The keys are a bit plasticky but it still feels great.
  • HP has also changed the plastic covers on the keyboard (the material is now 50 percent recycled DVD) and the screen bezels (currently 35% recycled plastic).
  • The keys are a bit plasticky, but it still feels great, and the bezels look no different than those on the old model.
  • The new Dragonfly looks and feels like an excellent team. And hey, now it’s more sustainable.

Significant Change

  • The significant change is the new screen, which HP uses, Make Vista Reflect, to maximize user privacy.
  • Reflect is the fourth generation Sure View, which the company launches with its Elite Book 1050 G3 in 2016.
  • You can get the Dragonfly configured with older panels, including the low-power 1W display we tested last year.
  • It has a display with Sure View Gen3, and an HDR 400 screen with 3840 x 2160 resolution.

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Review HP Elite Dragonfly – Design, New Features, Goals, and HP Elite Dragonfly Review.

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