Lines for Brother in Marathi – True Love

Lines for Brother in Marathi – True Love Between Siblings

Lines for Brother in Marathi : Parents believed that the brother needed a brother, so there were a lot of brothers in many homes. When I was a child, siblings gave their lives for each other. Play together, work together, joke. Go to school together. Back home as a grandfather too. Take care of each other. If one were touched, the other’s eyes would fill with tears. There was a feeling of sacrifice for each other.

Little by little, the brothers fight over time. Discussions have started as to who will take care of the parents. They began to demand more land and money to take care of them. Sometimes, the mother presents to the EHPAD despite everything.

Who was born in the womb of a single mother? You have entirely forgotten the motherhood you gave as a child. If one is rich and the other poor, let’s have a good relationship, knowing that we are brothers and not let this gap come.

Heart Touching Lines for Brother in Marathi

The best relationship between Sister and Brother

The deeper the relationship, the deeper the wounds

नाते जितके खोल तितक्या जखमा.

There are lakhs of people looking at Bhau, but the brother who looks at her is 1 in lakhs

भाऊकडे बघणारे लाख आहेत, पण तिच्याकडे बघणारे भाऊ लाखात एक आहेत

Brothers are quarrelsome. First, he fights with his sister for the remote, and if necessary, he fights with the world for his sister.

भाऊ भांडतात, आधी तो बहिणीशी रिमोटसाठी भांडतो आणि गरज पडल्यास बहिणीसाठी जगाशी भांडतो.

Only the brother knows how to cry and how to make his sister laugh when he is crying

बहिणीला रडताना कसे रडायचे आणि कसे हसवायचे हे फक्त भावालाच माहीत

5 Best Lines for Brother in Marathi

बंधुसारखा नाही बंधु नाही – Bandhusarakha nahi bandhu nahi

जगतीला सर्व बंधुन्ना समर्पिता कर्ण्यसाथी – Jagatila sarva bandhunna samarpita karanyasathi

मी माझ्या मनावर अस्सलल्या प्रेमाचे वर्णा – Mi majhya manavara asalelya premace varnana

बन्धुन्ना आयुश्यता कधिही एकतेपना जनवत नाही – Bandhunna ayusyata kadhihi ekatepana janavata nahi

कोनाट्याही त्रेझरची तुला भावाच्या प्रेमासी नाही – Konatyahi trejharaci tulana bhavacya premasi nahi

Happy Bhaubeej – Lines for Brother in Marathi

Happy wishes from Bhaubeej in Marathi 2021 – This year, the Bhaubeej festival takes place on November 6, 2021. It is on the second day of Govardhan Puja, which falls in the month of Kartik and is also called Yama Dwitiya. The feast of the holy love of the Bhaubij brothers and sisters is a sumptuous feast like Rakshabandhan.

At this festival,  on the second day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Kartik, the sisters pray for their brothers’ longevity and healthy life and greet them. The brother always promises to protect his sister. It is a feast of love between brothers. According to astrology, the sister’s tilak has a special meaning on the day of bhaubij.

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Happy Birthday – Lines for Brother in Marathi

Nyari Duniya of Lakhlakh Chanderi Teja

Let this Teja(Light) come to your house and fill your home with joy,

😍Happy Birthday to you!

Anyone who loves unselfishly till the last breath after Father, it’s Your Brother.

Happy Birthday to you!

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