Narcos Saga

  • For Narcos Mexico Review, the characters of the ‘ Narcos’ saga know something, it is to get.
  • Marijuana, coca, tequila, or beers, nobody gets rid of a good party.
  • Whether in Mexico or Colombia, celebrating or as a tribute to the fallen, in ‘ Narcos, ‘it is always provided and we with her.
  • We had been without violent wars for a year between clans of drug traffickers, corrupt politicians, and implicated law enforcement officials.
  • And also, it is the monkey of dramatic and violent recreation of that dark side and excessive ambition.
  • It spattered half the world with blood during the years in which Diego Armando Maradona became a god comes to an end.

Narcos Mexico Story

  • With a new team in front of and behind the cameras, in addition to the unique geographical situation, ‘Narcos Mexico’ tells the story of another poor devil come to much more.
  • Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, the Mexican godfather, and how he became the drug lord starting at the bottom.
  • And also, the new stage of the series is a parallel story that serves as an extension of the “Narcos universe.”
  • Narcos Mexico Review, it has behind the cameras people as experienced as Josef Kubota Wladyka.
  • He is currently filming the new season of The Terror, to the director of the acclaimed Gueros and Alonso Ruizpalacios.
  • The person in charge of the most interesting and very uncomfortable The wild region, ‘Amat Escalante.
  • Ahead, a handful of proper names above the rest, such as the excellent Diego Luna and Michael Peña as the capo and Kiki Camarena, respectively.


  • The problem with the story, actually somewhat superficial, is that the most veteran and experienced television eaters.
  • We will have already seen the same story condensed in half the time before: Camarena (The Drug War).
  • It was a miniseries of five hours that Television Espanola broadcast almost thirty years ago.
  • That miniseries had names of the stature of Michael Mann, Benicio Del Toro or the sadly disappeared Tomas Milian and Elizabeth Pena.
  • Agent Camarena was played by Steven Bauer, the Manny Ribera from Scarface.
  • A film of vital importance in Narcos: Mexico and continues to have a remake underway starring, curiously, by Diego Luna.

The league of extraordinary narcos

  • “If something works, don’t touch it.”
  • The famous saying becomes a series, and in its fourth advent, the riskiest for that of restarting something.
  • Also, we have too recently puts all the meat on the grill of rawness.
  • If there was no time for compassion in Colombia, in Mexico, they are not too clear about the meaning of the word.

G-men against the drug empire

  • The popular band led by David Summers was baptizing as the William Keighley film starring James Cagney, ‘ Against the drug empire.
  • And, as if those DEA agents as current G-Men were not enough, the mythical ‘ Give me back my girl ‘.
  • It launched them to stardom has its share of representation in a scene.
  • With more meaning than any Madrid group video clip.
  • Despite having pretty much the same structure as the previous installments, the show’s pace and sense are still present.
  • And also, the interchangeable platitudes (and characters) help bring that signature voice-over into the series narration; treat us from you to you.

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Review Narcos Mexico Review – Story, Characters, League, and Narcos Mexico Review.

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