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Narcos Mexico Review – Story, Characters, League, and Narcos Mexico Review


Narcos Saga

For Narcos Mexico Review, the characters of the ‘ Narcos’ saga know something, it is to get.

Marijuana, coca, tequila, or beers, nobody gets rid of a good party.

Whether in Mexico or Colombia, celebrating or as a tribute to the fallen, in ‘ Narcos, ‘it is always provided and we with her.

We had been without violent wars for a year between clans of drug traffickers, corrupt politicians, and implicated law enforcement officials.

And also, it is the monkey of dramatic and violent recreation of that dark side and excessive ambition.

It spattered half the world with blood during the years in which Diego Armando Maradona became a god comes to an end.

Narcos Mexico Story

  • With a new team in front of and behind the cameras, in addition to the unique geographical situation, ‘Narcos Mexico’ tells the story of another poor devil come to much more.
  • Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, the Mexican godfather, and how he became the drug lord starting at the bottom.
  • And also, the new stage of the series is a parallel story that serves as an extension of the “Narcos universe.”
  • Narcos Mexico Review, it has behind the cameras people as experienced as Josef Kubota Wladyka.
  • He is currently filming the new season of The Terror, to the director of the acclaimed Gueros and Alonso Ruizpalacios.
  • The person in charge of the most interesting and very uncomfortable The wild region, ‘Amat Escalante.
  • Ahead, a handful of proper names above the rest, such as the excellent Diego Luna and Michael Peña as the capo and Kiki Camarena, respectively.


  • The problem with the story, actually somewhat superficial, is that the most veteran and experienced television eaters.
  • We will have already seen the same story condensed in half the time before: Camarena (The Drug War).
  • It was a miniseries of five hours that Television Espanola broadcast almost thirty years ago.
  • That miniseries had names of the stature of Michael Mann, Benicio Del Toro or the sadly disappeared Tomas Milian and Elizabeth Pena.
  • Agent Camarena was played by Steven Bauer, the Manny Ribera from Scarface.
  • A film of vital importance in Narcos: Mexico and continues to have a remake underway starring, curiously, by Diego Luna.

The league of extraordinary narcos

  • “If something works, don’t touch it.”
  • The famous saying becomes a series, and in its fourth advent, the riskiest for that of restarting something.
  • Also, we have too recently puts all the meat on the grill of rawness.
  • If there was no time for compassion in Colombia, in Mexico, they are not too clear about the meaning of the word.

G-men against the drug empire

  • The popular band led by David Summers was baptizing as the William Keighley film starring James Cagney, ‘ Against the drug empire.
  • And, as if those DEA agents as current G-Men were not enough, the mythical ‘ Give me back my girl ‘.
  • It launched them to stardom has its share of representation in a scene.
  • With more meaning than any Madrid group video clip.
  • Despite having pretty much the same structure as the previous installments, the show’s pace and sense are still present.
  • And also, the interchangeable platitudes (and characters) help bring that signature voice-over into the series narration; treat us from you to you.

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