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How To Resolve [pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487] Error?



pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487: Microsoft Outlook is the top-rated email service primarily used for managing email. However, it is vital to configure Outlook correctly. Otherwise, you will find various errors such as [pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487], [pii_email_7f50b3874b546a6ddaaf] in Outlook, and due to this error, Outlook did not work correctly. You don’t need to worry as you sometimes encounter such errors in Outlook. However, all of these can be fixed with proper troubleshooting.

If you also get the error pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 while using Outlook, this guide will help you. If you keep reading, we’ll tell you how to fix it. Moreover, looking for an error solution [pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487].

So, here we will discuss the reasons for the error and the ways to fix it. Let’s start.

What is Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft makes Outlook an email program. It works with Microsoft Exchange, an email server that functions as a mail sorting machine on an online network, sending emails to various email publications like an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This works with Post Office Protocol (POP) email programming. It accepts your domain name from your website’s host server, so you can receive an email from your domain that is the same as your domain name. A user profile is what you set up when you use Outlook. Set up your email, password, and everything else you need to configure. It requires POP programming with the host server in its design. It has a series of folders to catalogue emails for a better overview. The application includes a calendar, contact manager, diary, notes, and task manager.

What do you mean by the pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 error?

pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 is just a bug. You don’t have to understand the essence of fixing it. This is one error that occurs when there is a technical error in MS Outlook.

The next time you see such a pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 error, there is nothing to worry about. It is not a virus or malware. Also, it is just an automatic error that informs your email system is not fully functional.

What reasons for the pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 error?

  • Using an incompatible or outdated version of Outlook.
  • Storing unnecessary files on your system.
  • Too many caches and cookies often cause pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] errors on the screen. Inaccurate configuration of your Outlook account settings.
  • Malware and Viruses can trigger these errors.
  • People might have more than one MS Outlook profile. This is also an important reason for pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 to get this error code. Moreover, If you log in from a different shape in the same application, you will go through the error code pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426.

Best techniques to resolve pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 error

It is known how irritating the pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 error is. However, you don’t need to worry. Below are some simple and easy steps to fix and solve the pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 error.

1) Repair your corrupted file

You should check your MS Outlook file when you first see pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 on your computer screen. If the Outlook folder contains corrupted files, this may cause unnecessary trouble.

To repair the damaged file, completely uninstall your old MS Outlook file.

2)MS Outlook Compatibility with your antivirus program

Sometimes your antivirus program can interact directly with your Outlook and affect its functionality. Therefore, you must disable your antivirus program.

3) Ignore and delete suspicious emails

We, by mistake, click on the suspicious link from unknown email senders. In rare cases, such a connection could contain a malicious command to disrupt your email system. This can seriously affect Outlook account settings, use a reliable antivirus, and never click on suspicious links from suspicious email IDs. Block, delete, and ignore are the three most important steps in these cases.

4) Internet connection

Sometimes a bad internet connection leads to this pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487  error. In such situations, you have to switch high-speed internet connection to access MS Outlook.

5) Clear cookies and cache

Clearing cookies and cache files are one of the most straightforward solutions to solve this pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 issue. So you have to go to Settings and completely delete your database history, cache files, and cookies.

6) Update or change the version of  Outlook

If you have been experiencing the pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 error for a long time, you need to change the version of MS Outlook. Just update your version of MS Outlook to the latest version. With the new version, you can quickly fix various annoying bugs.

7) Repair through the Programs and Features option

First, try to fix this Outlook  error through program and functions with the help of an automatic repair tool:

  • Go to Control Panel and search Programs and Features.
  • Look under Programs and Features for Microsoft Office. Then, click the Edit button at the front of the Programs and Features window to select repair and the following onscreen tips.
  • When processing is complete, restart Outlook and check if the error code has been cleared.

8) Check the server requirements settings as follows

  • Open Outlook from applications.
  • Open a document.
  • Account settings.
  • In the Account Settings window, click the Email tab. The following window appears:
  • Select an account in Outlook
  • Select the email address from this list.
  • Click the email account and then click More Settings.
  • Now open the email web settings.
  • Open a new tab for the outgoing mail server.
  • For the first option, check if my outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  • Click OK to save your settings.
  • My server requires authentication.

9) Uninstall and reinstall Outlook

The vital solution to the pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 error is to uninstall and reinstall Outlook. After reinstalling, try adding a replacement account.

Uninstall Microsoft Outlook by following these steps:

  • Open the program and function through the instrument panel.
  • Search for Microsoft Office
  • Double-click Microsoft Office.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions below to complete the uninstallation.
  • When the uninstallation is complete, reinstall Microsoft Outlook.
  • Create a replacement account, add it to Outlook, and see if you want to resend it.

10) Reconfigure the SMTP and POP server settings

To fix the error _email_b47d29538f12c20da426 in Outlook, you must configure the SMTP and POP server settings. Follow the below steps:

 Outlook 2016

  • First, open or run Outlook.
  • Go to the File menu – Information – Account Settings – Manage Profiles.
  • In the Email Settings field, click the Email Accounts tab.
  • Select your email account here and double-click on it.
  • Touch the More Settings button.
  • Now check if the outgoing mail server is configured in My SMTP server and requires authentication.
  • Now go to the Advanced tab and find the IMAP and SMTP server port number settings.
  • IMAP: 993
  • SMTP: 465

Next, make sure the encrypted connection is set to SSL / TLS. Then click the OK button.

With the method given above, the user can easily configure SSL encryption settings and fix the _email_b47d29538f12c20da426 problem in Outlook 2016. The following section provides information on configuring SSL encryption settings in MS Outlook 2010 and 2007.

For MS Outlook 2010

Launch the MS Outlook application on your system.

  • Go to File tab >> Information >> Account Settings >> Account Settings.
  • Double-click on your email account here.
  • Select more settings
  • In the Advanced section, check the IMAP and SMTP port settings.
  • IMAP: 993
  • SMTP: 587

Next, ensure the encrypted server connection is set to SSL and TLS. Click on the OK button.

For MS Outlook 2007

Launch the Control Panel on your computer. Set the Large View category. Choose Email Settings.

  • In the Email Settings field, click the Email Accounts option.
  • Select or select the email account and click the Change button.
  • Go to More settings.
  • Now check in the Advanced menu if the incoming and outgoing servers are configured as described below. Also, check that the encryption method is set to SSL. Then click OK to close the settings.
  • IMAP: 993
  • SMTP: 465

11) Contact the Microsoft support team

If you cannot resolve the error pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 except by trying the above methods, it is better to take the help of Microsoft’s expert team. You can find the program by searching for it in chrome and following the steps outlined there. But remember, if all the other suggested routes fail, go only to this one.

12) Verify or remove the duplicate account

The error pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487 can also occur if MS Outlook has been configured with duplicate accounts. The following steps will remove the duplicate accounts:

  • Launch the control panel on your device.
  • Set your view to a large category. Then click on the Mail Settings option.
  • Select the Email Accounts menu.
  • Select the duplicate account in the account settings and click the Remove button.


As we all know, we often encounter these kinds of Outlook errors. Therefore, this article has focused on correcting such errors pii_email_56eb96162967e4ec9487. Also, if you find this article informative. So please share with your friends and loved ones; your valuable comments are welcome in the comment section. Thank you. Do you have other techniques to solve this? So let us know in the comment section.

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