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Watch movies together – Reasons, Platforms to watch movies together, and More


How can we watch movies together?

  • Watch movies together being connected through technology that was not broadcast in our country before as it was a challenge.
  • You had to find its download link, download it at speed very far from what we have now and find suitable subtitles, which were also not always available the same day.
  • They were broadcast in the country of origin and which, on too many occasions, they were out of step with the image.
  • Fortunately, all this is part of history thanks to the increase in the speed of Internet connections.
  • And, above all, the arrival of platforms such as Netflix, HBO, or Amazon, which have taken us away from the universe of downloads.
  • Curiously, the challenge now is not to find the chapter in question but to find the time to see it, especially if we follow the series or movies as a couple.
  • When we see the next chapter of a series and not being able to do it because our partner was not by our side at that moment.

Best Platforms to watch movies together

Everything has a solution and is on the Internet. Here are three ways to watch a series or movie remotely with other people.

1. Netflix Party

  • The territory of extensions helps us, in this case, so that two people can follow a Netflix series at the same time, even if they are thousands of kilometers apart.
  • The extension is called Netflix Party, and it is available for Google Chrome and, basically, it synchronizes the video between users.
  • It adds a group chat to comment on the play.
  • Its use is fundamental: you download and install it, open any video from Netflix and click on the “NP” icon of the extension you will find in the upper navigation bar.
  • Netflix Party will generate a link to share with your friends and open the aforementioned dialog to discuss what is happening on the screen.

2. Gaze

  • The gaze is one of the easiest alternatives to watch group videos.
  • You enter, create a room, and, at the same time, generate a link that you must send to a friend so that they can watch the video with you.
  • Unlike the other alternatives presented in the article, Gaze includes a shared voice and video chat.
  • In that sense, the big “problem” with Gaze is that it only allows two users to connect to the same room.
  • In other words, it is ideal to continue watching that series with your partner, but it is not a good option if you want to do a group viewing.
  • It allows you to synchronize YouTube videos or even files that are locally, but in that case, we require that both users have the file.
  • Dropbox is very simple, but also with the Netflix file download system.

3. Rabbit

  • If Gaze seems too simple for you, you should try one of the complete applications to watch group videos.
  • We call it Rabbit, and it works from public rooms that people access.
  • Although it works with the Google account, it requires registration and allows you to watch videos from Vimeo, BuzzFeed, Crunchyroll, YouTube, Twitch, and from payment services such as Netflix.
  • It also generates a group chat to leave comments.
  • It has public rooms to view an important list of group videos, and even allows you to play different games.
  • Rabbit offers an extension for Google Chrome and an application for both iOS and Android.

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