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Android messages on pc – Description, Applications, and More

Android messages on pc – Description, Applications, and More

What does Android messages on pc mean?

Android messages on pc has its web version, thanks to it, we can access the computer application—a kind of WhatsApp Web, but with the SMS application of our Android phones.

We do not know if Google has not promoted it, but it seems that this version is not popular.

Many users don’t even know that Messages has a web version.

That is why we will tell you more about this version below to know what functions it provides us, because indeed, for many of you, it could be an option to consider on occasion.

How to access the web version of Android Messages

To have access to this version of the application, we will need both our phone and the computer, at least the first time.

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How to open messages?

The Messages website is the following, which we will have to open with the computer in this case.

While on the phone, we will also have to perform several steps to be able to use it on the computer:

  1. Open the Messages app on your Android phone.
  2. Tap Web Messages.
  3. Scan the QR code on the screen using your phone.
  4. By having input on the computer screen.
  5. The account has already been synced this way.
  6. Before entering, just below the code Q scan said code on the phone, the SMS we have received in a couple of seconds would come out, the ones we have in the tray, we are given the possibility to remember this computer.
  7. This option means that we will not have to carry out this process every time we want to enter to mark it for greater comfort.

What Android Messages offer on PC

What parts can we use?

Video calls

Dark mode

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