What is the Best Chromebook I can buy?

  • All that you should take into account when choosing a Best Chromebook laptop to do your work from home.
  • Check the best models and the best offers to choose the most suitable configuration based on your budget.
  • Chromebook laptops are computers that use Google’s ChromeOS, hence its name instead of having Microsoft’s Windows operating system installed.
  • It is often possible to find a wide variety of models with meager and competitive prices.

What should you keep in mind when buying a Chromebook?

  • The equipment uses can be very varied: from a student who will use the equipment to navigate.
  • You can consult information and use the G-Suite tools to professionals or companies that use it as a sales force device.

The Best Chromebooks of 2021: The Buying Guide

1. ASUS Chromebook Flip Z7400FF

  • It is not exactly a cheap laptop, but if what you are looking for is an advanced device within the Chromebook range.
  • The Asus convertible laptop, belonging to the Flip family, guarantees high doses of design and portability in a very manageable format.
  • It has a 14-inch FullHD panel in a chassis with sculpted V-shaped edges that make it easy to open your screen.
  • The 360-degree rotation also makes it possible for you to use it in many different situations, fitting in perfectly.
  • It is equipped with the latest-generation Intel processors and offers a range of more than 10 hours to combine work hours with leisure hours to handle entertainment content.
  • You can connect additional displays through its two USB 3.2 and USB C ports.

2. HP Chromebook 14 G6

  • It is a reality that Chromebooks are making their way into the educational and business sector, a profile to which this model proposed by the HP company is intended.
  • For this, both the Chromebook 11 G6 and the Chromebook 14 G6 shown here have compact and resistant finishes.
  • Inside, they have a configuration of 7th generation Intel Celeron processors accompanied by 8 GB of RAM, leaving behind the initial models that barely had 2 and 4 GB.
  • Its hinge allows the screen to be rotated up to 180 degrees to facilitate its handling with a wide range of viewing angles.
  • You also have a USB Type C port to charge your battery and another port in standard USB 3.0 mode.
  • Add dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi communications to ensure consistent connectivity.

3. Acer Chromebook Spin 311

  • Acer’s experience in manufacturing Chromebooks comes from a long time ago and is reflected in models like the one featured here, the Spin 311.
  • At a surprising price, the company offers a convertible ultraportable that will keep up with your day.
  • The Spin 311 is an extremely light model, weighing just 1.05 Kg and dimensions smaller than those of a DIN-A4 size folio, based on its 11-inch screen.
  • It favors use on the go when carried anywhere—backpack or purse section.
  • Even though its frames are still physically appreciable, this chromebook Spin 311 offers instant boot times.
  • It has a large touchpad surface, and a keyboard with tremendously comfortable concave keys to respond to each keystroke.

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Review Best Chromebook – Selection, Features, and Best Chromebooks of 2021.

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