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Ikea Smart Blinds – Best Ikea Smart Blinds, Review, Types, and More


What is Ikea Smart Blinds?

Ikea Smart Blinds that are raised and set at dawn are the highlight of the modern home. Unfortunately, intelligent blinds are costly.

This will change now that Ikea has launched its first Venetian blinds to promote the Smart Home.

Ikea’s Fyrtur and Kadrilj smart blinds are much cheaper than the established ones and do not require professional installation. I recently installed the Fyrtur Blackout shutters in a single window. They cost (129 euros) like the Kadrilj blinds.

But the Fyrtur model offers more privacy and lighting control; otherwise, both models are identical. Smart home blinds from Ikea have been announced since early 2019.

I wanted to cover a specific window with an intelligent blind for years, but retrofitting an electrical system was too expensive for me. Ikea excellent blinds come in various fixed widths from 60cm to 140cm, but they are all 195cm long.

The blinds are provided with a remote control ready for raising and lowering, which can control the blinds directly.

Smart Home Parasols: The Installation

  • Installing the blinds on the window is simple.
  • Due to the motor, both models are heavier and bulkier than typical Ikea roller blinds, but the assembly steps are essentially the same.
  • The blinds are supplied with a rechargeable battery, so it is unnecessary to carry out any wiring to the electrical network.
  • After installation and connection to the walkway, you need to set the maximum length of the blinds, as they cannot be cancelled.
  • You can do this with the buttons located near the corner of the shade next to the battery.
  • Press and hold the bottom button until the blinds reach the bottom of the window, then release the button and click the button twice.

Smart Home Blinds

  • Multiple blinds with a single remote control
  • Each blind is already paired with the remote control, so the step to the first pairing is skipped.
  • But to connect even more blinds to remote control, do the following:
  • Open the back cover of the remote control to open/close and find the pairing button.
  • Briefly press the two buttons on the shutter.
  • The unit is ready to pair for 2 minutes.
  • Keep the remote on/off control very close to the blind you want to add, no more than 5 cm from the battery cover of the blinds.
  • Press and hold the pairing button on the remote control for at least 10 seconds to open/close wirelessly.
  • A red lamp on the remote open/close will glow constantly.
  • On your wireless roller blind, a white light begins to dim and blink until the devices are successfully paired.
  • You can pair up to 4 blinds by remote control.

Home Blinds from Ikea with Alexa

  1. You can control the blinds with the supplied remote control or the IKEA Home Smart app (available on iOS or Android) via the TRÅDFRI gateway.
  2. If the battery is empty and you want to open the blinds, you can also lower it carefully by hand.
    Tradfri also includes a signal booster to extend the network.
  3. The repeater is equipped with a USB port for charging the removable battery (with the included Micro-USB cable), inserted on the front left side.
  4. The blinds are entirely wireless and can be controlled by two special buttons.
  5. It is located directly on the front left corner of the blind mechanism.
  6. Using the Ikea Home Smart app, you can define timers for regular routines and even create groups of devices for coordinated control.
  7. The blinds are also compatible with Ikea’s growing range of Home Smart devices.
  8. Including Tradfri Smart sockets, lights, switches, dimmers, and motion sensors.

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