6 SEO Best Practises For B2B Brands Seeking To Rank Higher


In a world where technology is applied mainly in nearly all sectors, businesses seeking to remain competitive must comply with the demands of the modern world. Today, many B2B buyers use digital platforms to perform a search for the products or services they are interested in. This has prompted companies to incorporate digital marketing strategies to lure in more customers.

To boost their prospects of being discovered by potential buyers, companies must sustain a solid online presence. However, establishing a robust online presence alone may not be enough to help you see out the competition.

Search Engine Ranking

Any B2B brand seeking to lure and retain clients needs to ensure its digital marketing platforms are well ranked on search engine rankings. With 75 percent of browsers not looking beyond the first results page, B2B brands must put into practice search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to appear on the first page of search results.

If you’re struggling to better your brand’s search rankings in the upcoming year, worry no more, as these top B2B SEO strategies will help your brand to rank highly on search results.


Backlinking is one of the most effective B2B SEO practises that every brand should put into effect in 2022. In simple terms, backlinks are links that lead readers to your website from a different website. Preferably, backlinks are added on elite sites that rank top on search rankings.

The most successful way to boost search rankings is to guest post on top-quality websites. The posts get displayed on crucial search results where informative keywords have been applied, allowing enterprises to utilise high-quality keywords on different sites.

Posting Valuable Content

Far from other customers, B2B buyers rarely make instant purchases. Rather, they devote more of their time to research. These buyers usually are after creating a long-term relationship with dealers; therefore, they opt for industry leaders who can explicitly and promptly act on their queries.

Creating informative content that is helpful and valuable to your target audience will undoubtedly be a vital B2B SEO practice in 2022. Such information portrays your brand as a thought leader in your niche, allowing you to aim for prospective shoppers in the research phase of their shopping journey.

For instance, before shopping for any product, most B2B buyers undertake thorough research to get the facts about the product. Some of the information most B2B buyers look for when researching for a product includes performance, models available, features, usefulness, and many more.

Therefore as a dealer, you can target such shoppers with relevant blog posts or articles providing detailed information on how such products work and their benefits. This will be incredibly useful, especially when appealing to potential B2B buyers currently at the research stage. The dealer’s site will have a better ranking on the search engine results page by publishing relevant content.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is another fruitful B2B SEO technique that B2B brands should execute in 2022. Even though the search ranking is not impacted by the shares and likes you get on social media platforms, incorporating links to your websites and powerful keywords in your publication can positively impact your brand ranking on search results.

B2B businesses can share valuable, incredibly optimised information through social media channels to boost their rankings. In addition, social media channels enable B2B businesses to get to potential B2B buyers directly. Posting optimised content consistently on social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn can greatly help B2B marketers to get in touch with B2B buyers at the initial stage of their buying process.

Keyword Optimization

Keyword research continues to be a vital attribute of the B2B strategy. B2B marketers need to be well-versed with the choice of keywords in order to rank highly on search engines and get the best out of their marketing efforts. Rather, they should opt for buyer keywords and informative keywords. Buyer keywords are the words that potential buyers use when searching for a product online before purchasing.

Oftentimes, potential shoppers who use these keywords are well decided on what they intend to shop for, and their search will revolve around certain products or services. Additionally, B2B SEO entails researching informative keywords. These are usually the keywords that possible buyers search for when looking for content, remedies, and advice online. Ordinarily, informative keywords take question format and involve no searching of individual products or services.

Businesses need to embrace the use of informative and buyer keywords to enhance their website’s strategic pages, not forgetting the homepage and landing pages.

For optimal SEO results, B2B brands should include keywords in their content, URLs, headings, titles, and meta descriptions.

Precise Meta Titles and Descriptions

Meta titles and descriptions continue to be an integral component of B2B SEO, and this will be no different in 2022. Title tags are ever-present on search results whenever a search is performed. Top search engines like Google possess bots that navigate the web and create reports that aid in the indexation of web pages. Internet pages that contain precise title tags are indexed and accorded a higher ranking.

Meta descriptions provide additional information regarding indexed pages content and appear next to title tags. Drafting precise meta descriptions enables prospective B2B buyers to make a firm decision regarding visiting your business website or not.

Better Page Speeds

Page speed is very critical in SEO; therefore, you can afford to overlook it. If your page loading speed is below the expectation, your ranking potential will drop suddenly regardless of how relevant your content is. Users are quickly put off by a page that takes centuries to load, prompting them to leave the page for another.

If you are struggling to address your page speed, contemplate cutting down server response time, optimising images, or turning on the caching option on your browser. By doing so, you will dramatically improve your ranking on the search engine results page, which will be a plus for your B2B SEO strategy.

Wrapping Up

B2B potential customers turn to digital platforms to search for products they intend to buy. B2B brands seeking to lure B2B buyers into their camps should embrace digital marketing to boost their prospects of being discovered online whenever a search is performed. In order to see out the competition, B2B businesses need to incorporate SEO techniques into their digital marketing endeavours. Use the above discussed B2B SEO practises to enhance your website ranking on the search engine results page and bag in more clients in 2022.