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Best Tech gifts 2019 – Features, Process, Applications, and Best Tech gifts 2019


What are Best Tech gifts 2019?

A (good) USB stick

We all have more than one USB memory at home, Best Tech gifts 2019, so almost no one thinks it can be a good investment.

The best USB memories offer very significant advantages in terms of speed and security.

They are much faster when transferring files -if they are USB 3.1.

It is made of resistant materials so that they do not break at the first change.

A good example is the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick, a small USB memory capable of connecting both via USB and wirelessly to access its content.

Also, we can play stored content, such as a movie, wirelessly on up to 3 devices.

A flexible tripod for taking original photos

  • Have you ever wondered if it is possible to take spectacular photos at night with a smart phone?
  • It is not something simple, but it is not an impossible mission either.
  • Photographers know that with a bit of patience and a good tripod, it is possible to achieve spectacular lighting effects.
  • That’s why we recommend buying a flexible mini tripod with a smart phone holder.
  • They are very cheap, so small that they can easily store in any backpack or bag, and if they have adjustable legs.
  • You can hook them anywhere: from your bicycle to a tree, a rock, or a railing for exceptional framing.

Anti-theft padlock to protect your laptop

  • The Kensington security connector is a great unknown to the general public.
  • Yes, the strange hole that many laptops have on the side is helpful for something: nothing less than not to be stolen.
  • A must buy for those used to using their computer in public places such as cafeterias, public libraries, or airports.
  • With an anti-theft lock, you will be able to get up from the site without fear that someone will “lift” it for you inadvertently if you move away from the table.

A multi-port USB charger to avoid the mess

  • The cable dictatorship is a real nuisance at home if you have a handful of mobile devices—cables everywhere and strips to the brim, something that is neither practical nor efficient at all.
  • Some say that order is one of the best friends of intelligence.
  • So it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to have a multi-port USB charger at home that will help simplify your life.
  • And be careful: it will save you a lot of space when traveling.

Wireless keyboard for Smart TV

  • The televisions have become “smarter,” adding more functions and apps (YouTube, Netflix) in parallel.
  • It has become increasingly helpful to operate them with a wireless keyboard.
  • Something essential if you usually connect a computer or have a multimedia system integrated.
  • The remote controls’ constraints disappear thanks to the options that keyboards of this type allow.
  • It incorporates a touchpad to handle the cursor in desktop environments such as Windows easily.

Chromecast Audio to resurrect your old speakers

  • A perfect gift for music lovers since this little gadget connects any speaker -even the oldest ones- to the Internet.
  • You can listen to your music through Spotify or your favorite podcasts simply by sending the audio through your smart phone.
  • It is compatible with both Android and iPhone- tablet or Chromebook, Mac, and Windows laptops.
  • And also, it is a practical gadget, light, discreet, easy to use, and extraordinary since it offers an excellent sound quality.
  • It includes a multi-space function that allows you to group speakers so that you can send the same song simultaneously in different places.

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