Best Ways for Hotels to Attract Guests in the Post Pandemic Era


Hotels to Attract Guests – The travel industry is recovering from the onslaught of the pandemic years. Along with travel, the hospitality sector is also seeing an increase in the number of guests travelling for business or personal reasons. Hotels need to keep an eye on travel trends to ensure they offer their guests everything that makes their property a better option than their competitors.

Hotels to Attract Guests

Understanding the industry and keeping an eye on the travel segment can help managers make their properties profitable in the long run. Web Technology, such as cloud-based hotel property management software, is the key to meeting guests’ desires. While guests want a comfortable and relaxing stay, what additional services can hotels offer to make their stay a memorable and unique experience? Let’s look at some factors that hoteliers can focus on to make their property the first choice of guests in the coming year.

Niche Destinations Are a Hit

In the post-pandemic years, hotels must go above and beyond the call of duty to make their property attractive to guests. By adding to the cool factor of their property, hotels can highlight the luxury and comfort they provide to their guests. Along with that, the hoteliers can bank on the location of their hotel and the surrounding attractions to create a package for their guests that will allow them to experience the attractions like never before.

Whether it is a health-focused spa visit, an evening in a jazz club, or a relaxing stroll in the vineyards, hotels need to bring in the different experiences they offer along with the stay. By adding a fun factor to their visit, hotels can win customers for a lifetime. A cloud-based hotel property management software can help showcase the highlights of a property across all channels so that guests have a unified experience for their stay.

Exceptional Services

Good isn’t good enough in today’s hospitality industry. Hoteliers need to make sure that the services they offer to their guests are exceptional in every way. From automation powered by a cloud-based PMS to services like contactless check-in and check-out, AI and chatbots to answer queries of guests, keyless entry and much more.

Automation and AI help streamline hotel operations and are instrumental in freeing up the time and energy of the staff members. The staff can focus on other essential tasks in the hotel instead of working on repetitive tasks that can be taken care of by the cloud-based PMS. Automation also prevents any errors that might happen by manually entering customer data in the hotel’s records. This data can be shared across the hotels that belong to one hotel chain so that guests can get a personalized experience whenever they choose a hotel from the brand. A cloud-based hotel property management software is the key to adding automation and self-serving features to your hotel’s operations.

A Focus on Hygiene

In the post-pandemic years, there is an even deeper focus on maintaining hygiene in the hotel premises. Everything from the rooms to the lobby and restaurant must be spic and span. Regular cleaning is not only essential but mandatory, and with a cloud PMS, the staff can manage their personnel to ensure round-the-clock cleanliness duties. The cloud PMS can generate tasks based on the entry and exit of guests from the property so that every place is clean at all times. Housekeeping staff can update their responsibilities through their mobiles to mark a home as clean.

A cloud PMS can also help the hotel staff to create a hands-free environment in their hotel. The PMS makes it easy for guests to skip the front desk and head directly to their room by checking in online. Mobile apps and QR codes for getting information at various points in the hotel can further help create a contactless workflow.

A Personalized Experience

In the hotel business, everything is about the needs and requirements of the guests. Once you understand the guests’ needs, you can impress them by providing the same, and you have a customer for life. Small actions like putting board games in the rooms if your guests are travelling with children can create a positive impact. The hotel can also keep the guests’ dietary requirements in mind and provide them with a menu tailored to their specifications.

If your guests are travelling for business reasons, you can provide them with concierge service, access to the meeting room, faster Wi-Fi, pick-and-drop from the airport, multiple workspaces and much more. Even a tiny thing as providing a printer and photocopier can help in cementing the hotel’s reputation as a welcome place in the mind of the guest. Offering a personalized stay experience is the epitome of how a hotel operates and understands the needs of those who stay there.

Summing Up

In the current hospitality industry set-up, hoteliers need to keep an eye on the future regarding the trends and make sure their properties are prepared to move with the changes. Using a cloud-based PMS is the first step in training their property for the future. At mycloud Hospitality, you can find a stellar suite of software services that are designed while keeping modern hoteliers’ needs in mind. Highly customizable, robust, suitable for properties of different sizes, and ready for the future; the software offered by mycloud Hospitality does everything a hotel manager can wish for.

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