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Call PC – How to Make A Phone Call from Computer?



Microsoft’s Your Mobile app for Android can route photos, received notifications, and text messages to your Windows 10 PC. Its latest feature update adds somewhat even more useful the facility to make and receive calls on your PC without ever reaching for your phone. Even if you need to use a mobile device, the app can allow you to seamlessly transfer calls between your PC and phone.

Setting things up isn’t difficult, although there are some requirements you should be aware of before diving into the steps below. You’ll need a PC (any type, desktop or laptop, x64 or ARM-based) running Windows 10, version 1803 or higher, and any phone running Android, version 7.0 or higher.

What is Call PC?

What is Call PC_

  • Call PC can easily make and receive calls from your computer without having to touch your mobile thanks to the Your Phone app.
  • Your Phone application again after doing it a few hours ago and about an improvement preparing how to reach users of the Insider Program.
  • And it is that Microsoft has announced that users can now access an improvement.
  • It allows us to forget a little more about the mobile while we are working or using the PC because now the Your Phone app allows you to make and receive calls from the PC.
  • Thanks to the permanent synchronization with the Phone, we can be working on the computer and, through the interface, answer incoming calls and make calls.

Dial Interface

  • Your Phone adds a dial-like interface to dial from the PC screen.
  • An improvement that we talked about months ago and that was in development.
    Also, now reaches all users who have an iPhone with iOS or some selected Android phones.
  • Such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10+, or Galaxy S10 via the Link to Windows function.
  • It will first be necessary to have an Android phone with Android Nougat 7.0 or a higher version, something that is not difficult despite the dispersion of Android versions.

Advantages of calling from computer

This is often easier if you are already working from your computer.

Are you working on your laptop at the coffee shop and want to make a quick phone call? Just make a call from your computer, without taking out your cell phone.

It is more profitable

One of the advantages of making phone calls from your computer is that it can be much cheaper than making regular phone calls. Many VoIP providers basically give you free calls as part of their (usually very cheap) paid plans. And they often also allow you to make international calls without incurring huge costs.

  • Sometimes you can access other features such as transcripts and recordings.
  • Another benefit of making voice calls from your computer is that you can access other useful features.
  • For example, the dial pad allows you to record meeting calls and video meetings, which can be valuable for training or quality control purposes. Its exclusive artificial intelligence, Dialpad Ai, can also transcribe your calls in real time.

Call PC Process

  • We give you only the Android link because, at the moment, the calling function is only available by linking a mobile with this operating system.
  • When you open the application first click on the Sign in with Microsoft button.
  • Next, you have to log in by typing the email and password of your Microsoft account.
  • We should log in with the same Microsoft account that you use on the Windows PC to link your Phone.
  • Then the app will ask for a series of permissions to access your contacts, calls, messages, and everything it needs to show you later information on your computer.
  • It grants all the permissions by clicking on the Allow button the different permission windows appear.

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