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What is Club Penguin?

  • The multiplayer online game Club Penguin has been re-launched after being discontinued in March 2017 because of high demand.
  • In February, the creators had announced that the online community would make a comeback with a revamped one.
  • Confirming the games re-launch, it said that 6 million users have signed up for the game till now.
  • “Thank you, everyone, for supporting us to achieve this,” read the tweet.

Club Penguin is Back, as all 2000’s Kids are Flocking Back to their Igloos

  • Back in February, the game maker had said, “We have updated our website!
  • We are preparing for the new era Club Penguin Online is about to enter – and the website transformation is just the beginning”.
  • Following the announcement on Twitter, gamers are going gaga, with one exciting user.
  • They write, “Huge congrats to CPO for reaching 6 million penguins. I love this community to bits”.
  • And also, Club Penguin Online shuts down after receiving a copyright claim from Disney.
  • Club Penguin Online is an unlicensed revival of the Disney-owned children’s social networking site.
  • It is one of the game’s largest fan replicas, accruing over 7 to 8 million users over the last two years.
  • In a blog from this week, The Penguin Online wrote that the game would no longer be running “after May 2020” due to a copyright claim.
  • The notice, which is available through the nonprofit Lumen Database, says the site “is an unauthorized version of the Club Penguin game and contains infringing copyrighted content.”

Club Penguin News

  • The game appears to have complied with the restricted order; publication, the website is no longer available.
  • “If one does try to revive the game, it’ll be challenging now as you will have to worry about Disney, and in all honestly, it isn’t worth it,” the admin wrote.
  • A BBC investigation finds that the Club Penguin Online game is not moderate by staff, and it is littering with racist and anti semitic content.
  • According to the BBC, a London man associate with the website was arrested for suspicion of child abuse images by the Metropolitan Police.
  • That man was released on bail. It’s unclear if the child pornography arrest relating to the project’s broader moderation issues.

Fan-operated clones

  • The Disney’s Club Penguin was one of the first games on social networks for children.
  • And also, it was launching in 2005; it had more than 200 million players at its peak.
  • Anybody could join the original website, employing content filters and human moderators to stop inappropriate messages or personal information from sharing.

Cold war

  • This online game is the largest private server and uses Disney’s branding.
  • One former staff member said that the project had made about £9,000 through advertisements, while most of the staff are unpaid young volunteers.

Competition of Club Penguin with other versions

  • There is a competition between Club Penguin Online and other unofficial versions that had escalated in the past five to six months.
  • The server owners accused one another of the actions of hacking and harassment.
  • One of them said it was a toxic community, “like playing Game of Thrones with penguins”.
  • And also, the game online volunteer encourages to carry out rival server attacks when he was a minor.
  • “I would find out and publish personal details, like addresses, what they looked like, their family’s information.

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