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How can I better Manage my Construction Projects?


Construction projects are defined by clear phases within their lifecycle, from early concept to planning to completion and sign-off at the end. If you want to get your projects done on time and within the budget, you need to make sure you are organised and manage it in the best way possible.

How do you manage a construction project properly? There are many aspects to consider. Have you clearly defined the roles within the project? Are your tracking your budget accurately? Can it be better managed with construction portfolio management software? Here are some tips and hints to help you keep your projects on track.

Setting Roles & Responsibilities

Having properly allocated roles within a project is essential for running smoothly. Everyone needs to know what they are being held accountable for. It is essential for the success of a project that there is a clear leadership team and hierarchy.

People cooperate more effectively when they know their roles. There is less conflict and more respect for their colleagues when they see the vital role they play in the business.

When setting roles and responsibilities, you should consider each person’s key strengths and allocate them roles that fit within that to get the best outcome.

Tracking Variances

Variance within construction projects is inevitable. Even with the best planning and tightest control, there are some things you just simply cannot allow for. Mistakes will happen, leading to wasted resources, lost hours, and project delays. However, if you do not track these changes, projects can easily get out of control, making it very difficult to plan for the future or answer any questions from more senior team members.

You need ways of measuring performance in order to operate in the most cost-effective way. Some examples of variances to track would be:

– Budgeted cost of works
– Actual cost of works
– Estimated cost of completion

Use Project Management Software

If you want the best and most reliable way of managing your construction projects, then you need to use project management software and a comprehensive construction project management guide. They keep everything stored in one easily accessible place, can be updated easily & even used offline when you can’t connect to the internet.

A major benefit of using project management software is real-time collaboration and communication. The software allows external stakeholders to access the project and quickly get an overview of its progress & the plans for the future.

Managing budgets can be difficult, especially if you aren’t strong with numbers. However, project management software simplifies this process; you can easily access budgets and forecasts, as well as making changes on the fly.

So there you have it, a list of useful tips on managing your construction projects. We always recommend using construction portfolio management software as it’s the most comprehensive way. There are many benefits to using such software, including greater collaboration, better planning & more streamlined running of projects.

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