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  • Pain makes you think the most damned things, Death Stranding Review. What else could I have done?
  • Could my actions have changed what happened, or at least made me feel like I wasn’t there for them?
  • These are all selfish questions, of course, but since I suffered the loss of a loved one earlier this year.
  • It was the first thing I thought about when I woke up and the last thing I fell asleep on.
  • Maddy, the main character in Necrobarista, is also clouded by her selfishness in the face of pain.


  • Maddy owns an interdimensional coffee shop called The Terminal. It is the last stop between our reality and the afterlife.
  • A place for mortals to have a cup of coffee and for ghosts that pass by to hang idly before embarking on “the next place,” neither heaven nor hell.
  • Nobody knows exactly what lies beyond, only that “people” have about 24 hours to lose before officially passing.
  • There are ways to lengthen the forward movement.
  • The recently deceased can exchange for longer, but the longer they stay, the more “itchy” and uncomfortable their soul.
  • The Terminal has taken on an immense “soul debt” because of that – it’s their job to push people when it’s time to die, but Maddy and Chay, the latter a close friend and mysteriously the former owner.

Welcome to The Terminal

  • The | Caty McCarthy / USG, Route 59 / Route 59, Coconut Island Games, Playism.
  • Necrobarista is a linear visual novel. There are no choices to make. There are no different endings or separate instructions to direct the story.
  • Unlike other coffee shops’ graphic novels such as VA-11 Hall-A and Coffee Talk, Necrobarista doesn’t even have to mix drinks for customers.
  • While this initially disappointed me, the world’s stellar construction, along with the exciting characters and storytelling, made it easy to forgive it.
  • There is the Maddy mentioned above, who is a bit rude but is immediately lovely anyway.
  • There’s Ashley, who is initially kind of a comic relief character – Still, as the game progresses, she opens up on her parents and why she’s stalking. .

The cafeteria all day

  • There’s Chay and Ned, who are thousands of years old and have baggage to match.
  • (Ned is a historical figure – the famous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly.) And last but not least is Kishan, who is, in many ways, the heart of Necrobarista.
  • At first, just one other customer soon joins the cafe team while waiting for the end to come in 24 hours.
  • Necrobarista itself is structured excitingly.
  • There are the usual “episodes” of visual novels. The main story was surrounding Maddy, Chay, Ashley, Kishan, and Ned.
  • A member of the Council, also known as a. a shady organization that acts as debt collectors for places like The Terminal.
  • In most visual novels, character illustrations appear as dialogue occurs.
  • In Necrobarista, the camera glides around the landscape, framing the characters in strikingly shaded 3D. He grabs onto his “kinematic” descriptor and never let’s go.

Video games, I think, have a “steering” problem

  • Here is an example: Ghost of Tsushima is a heavily chanbara-inspiring game, and yet its scenes hardly seem to play with that particular cinematic style.
  • His sets frame like any other video game, with hardly any playful composition or other bright images.
  • Meanwhile, Necrobarista is the opposite of this. It’s a 100% cinematic style with an anime-inspiring lens, and with that pointy inspiration, you know exactly how to frame each screen excitingly.
  • Jump from extreme close-ups on faces to distance shots with characters that look small in the context of coffee.
  • The angle could be curiously tilted or look through a crack from afar. The names are almost always still in these scenes, and they are rarely in motion.
  • All of this sets it apart from virtually every visual novel or even game that I have ever played.
  • During these uncharacteristically “shooter” episodes, players get a chance to walk through The Terminal themselves in the first person.
  • It’s less of a walking simulator and more similar to the first-person exploration in an old Shin Megami Tensei game or the more recent Danganronpa series.

Around the Terminal

  • More spaces open inside it as the game progresses – there are short text adventures to read.
  • The stories themselves help bring an additional flavor to the world of Necrobarista and the day-to-day of how The Terminal works and the clients it serves.
  • Unfortunately, I stumbled a bit with this system. These words appear at the end of each episode, floating in a kind of word cloud.
  • Then you have to choose only seven of them.
  • Words funnel into one of a dozen categories, from focusing on characters to locations in the world itself.
  • However, Necrobarista is a game that kept me hooked from start to finish, despite its lack of a choice-based narrative.
  • By the time it was over, I want to see more of the unique world it had presented in a way.
  • I noticed Maddy interact with more clients, like flirty Samantha or kleptomaniac teenagers.
  • From their main story to the entertaining text adventures they paint between the lines of their most stylishly present narrative, Necrobarista is an engaging visual novel from start to finish.
  • A few minor complaints about how it is executed by unlocking additional text adventures do little to stop the death-conscious cafeteria’s experience.

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