Dinosaur Game – Description, Top Three Dinosaur Games, and More


Dinosaur Game Description

Dinosaur Game – The Dinosaur Game cost us a lot to make this selection, we already anticipate that there will be games that will have been left out (at the end, we will mention some).

Although we could tell you about other dinosaur games, we want to talk about the ones we have tried the most and are more suitable for more familiar ages.

You have another curious selection of all time in the following article.

We started, like our selection of Halloween board games, with the younger ages and ended with the older ones like dinosaur game.

Top Three Dinosaur Games


  • Players : 2-5
  • Age : 4+
  • Time: about 15 minutes.
  • Skills: attention, memory, spatial orientation, decision-making, eye-hand coordination, planning.
  • Publisher: Cayro the Games
  • Author : Apronman (Ignacio Sánchez Usera)
  • Illustrations: Enrique V. Vegas
  • Price and how to get it: € 19.95 (in your store or online.
  • As always, we recommend you look for it in your game store or main bookstore.
  • We have reviewed a dinosaur board game in BaM ( Dino Path review ), and we can play that for 4 years.
  • In this game, we will advance thanks to the dice, but also thanks to the memory.
  • That’s why little ones can compete with older people without problems.
  • The board will also change in each game since it is made up of tiles, and the game itself begins when we assemble the board with them.


  • Players: 2-4
  • Age: +5 years
  • Time: about 10 minutes.
  • Skills: attention, memory, planning, working memory, manual eye coordination, cognitive flexibility, tolerance to
  • Publisher: Djeco
  • Authorship: Grégory Kirszbaum and Alex Sanders
  • Illustrations: Alex Sanders
  • Price and how to get it: € 10 (in your store or online get at the best price)
  • As always, we recommend you look for it in your game store or main bookstore.
  • This dinosaurs board game is easy to explain and colorful, inviting you to play with your cards and invent new game modes.
  • Like Batawaf, a game that we already recommend for math in Playful Effect, it is a battle between the cards because each card with a dinosaur is assigned a number.


  • Players: 2-4
  • Age: +5 years
  • Time: about 5 minutes approx.
  • Skills: attention, visual perception, memory, processing speed, social cohesion, tolerance to frustration.
  • Publisher: HABA
  • Author : Wolfgang Dirscherl
  • Illustrations : Paletti-Grafik
  • Price and how to get it: € 6 (in your store or online – At the best and affordable price)
  • As always, we recommend you look for it in your game store or main bookstore.
  • We like this game for 5 years because it is straightforward and very, very, very portable.
  • It is made of an ultra-small and light tin, ideal for travel.
  • We took it on our trip to Thailand and Cambodia, and we put it to good use.

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