Dinosaur Game – Description, Top Three Dinosaur Games, and More


Dinosaur Game Description

  • The Dinosaur Game cost us a lot to make this selection, we already anticipate that there will be games that will have been left out (at the end, we will mention some).
  • Although we could tell you about other dinosaur games, we want to talk about the ones we have tried the most and are more suitable for more familiar ages.
  • You have another curious selection of all time in the following article.
  • We started, like our selection of Halloween board games, with the younger ages and ended with the older ones like dinosaur game.

Top Three Dinosaur Games


  • Players : 2-5
  • Age : 4+
  • Time: about 15 minutes.
  • Skills: attention, memory, spatial orientation, decision-making, eye-hand coordination, planning.
  • Publisher: Cayro the Games
  • Author : Apronman (Ignacio Sánchez Usera)
  • Illustrations: Enrique V. Vegas
  • Price and how to get it: € 19.95 (in your store or online.
  • As always, we recommend you look for it in your game store or main bookstore.
  • We have reviewed a dinosaur board game in BaM ( Dino Path review ), and we can play that for 4 years.
  • In this game, we will advance thanks to the dice, but also thanks to the memory.
  • That’s why little ones can compete with older people without problems.
  • The board will also change in each game since it is made up of tiles, and the game itself begins when we assemble the board with them.


  • Players: 2-4
  • Age: +5 years
  • Time: about 10 minutes.
  • Skills: attention, memory, planning, working memory, manual eye coordination, cognitive flexibility, tolerance to
  • Publisher: Djeco
  • Authorship: Grégory Kirszbaum and Alex Sanders
  • Illustrations: Alex Sanders
  • Price and how to get it: € 10 (in your store or online get at the best price)
  • As always, we recommend you look for it in your game store or main bookstore.
  • This dinosaurs board game is easy to explain and colorful, inviting you to play with your cards and invent new game modes.
  • Like Batawaf, a game that we already recommend for math in Playful Effect, it is a battle between the cards because each card with a dinosaur is assigned a number.


  • Players: 2-4
  • Age: +5 years
  • Time: about 5 minutes approx.
  • Skills: attention, visual perception, memory, processing speed, social cohesion, tolerance to frustration.
  • Publisher: HABA
  • Author : Wolfgang Dirscherl
  • Illustrations : Paletti-Grafik
  • Price and how to get it: € 6 (in your store or online – At the best and affordable price)
  • As always, we recommend you look for it in your game store or main bookstore.
  • We like this game for 5 years because it is straightforward and very, very, very portable.
  • It is made of an ultra-small and light tin, ideal for travel.
  • We took it on our trip to Thailand and Cambodia, and we put it to good use.

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