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Top 5 Email Marketing Tips To Promote Your Charity’s Fundraiser


Running a charity is a challenging endeavor. There are many things to do and you are constantly working on making the world a better place. You already have a good fundraising strategy, but there is always room for improvement. You can always increase our reach by formulating and implementing a good promotion strategy. 

One way to do that is via email marketing, which will allow you to stay connected with your donors and supporters and update them on the progress you may have made. You can also include calls to action to get your recipients to engage and can convey your message in more detail.

Show The Impact

Donors and supporters want to see where and how their donations have gone to use. They want to see what impact their support has made. You wouldn’t be able to do much without their support so it is important to keep them informed and satisfied with the work that you do.

Instead of presenting them with hard data, try and tell a story. Use your email to highlight some of the best success stories that you have had. Visual content is best for this so include pictures. Maybe add in a short interview as well to add more value to your work. The goal is to “show” your work and the impact it has. 

To create an email to use in your email campaigns, you will need an email maker, such as PosterMyWall. Using such a service will shave off valuable time that you can spend elsewhere and will ensure that your crafted email is of the highest quality. You can add special content such as pictures and other graphics to your email easily and have it ready to send in minutes.

Subject Lines That Compel

One of the biggest challenges your emails will face is getting people to open them and read them. Before people do that, they will first look at the subject line to gauge the kind of content inside. If the subject line is boring or doesn’t engage the reader enough, then your email won’t even be opened and your recipients will ignore it. To counter it, you need subject lines that convince your mailing list to open the email, read it and act. 

Since you are promoting your charity’s fundraising project, your subject lines would likely be calling your mailing list to action. In this case, to donate and raise funds for your cause. A way to do so can be:

  • 24 hours left to support {charity cause} in need


  • One simple way to make a difference

Something that calls your readers to take action.

Use Imagery That Captivates The Readers

Text has limited effectiveness if you want to tell a gripping story and inspire your readers to donate. For full effect, you will need imagery that captivates the audience and gets the message across effectively. Fundraising and donations won’t be possible if you don’t tug on your mailing list’s heartstrings and compel them to act. You need to show the work that you have done so far and where there is still room for more work. 

Show some of your success stories in a positive way. This will show that this was due to the efforts of your charity which was only made possible thanks to your donors and supporters. Have a little message of thanks written along this picture and a call for further action. Depending on what your charity is, you can appeal for more support to help other cases like the ones in the picture.

Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital did something similar where they showed a picture of a smiling child with a short message. The message gave the impression that the child was happy because he got the help he needed thanks to the donors. The image also had a button to take recipients to a donation page where they could support the charity further. 

Include Calls To Action In Your Emails

Sometimes the best way to go about something is to be direct. In the case of raising funds for a charity, you must always include a call to action button in your emails. These buttons would lead your recipients to links where they can donate and support your fundraiser. 

Of course, it goes without saying that you mustn’t overdo it and add other calls to action that don’t involve donations. Perhaps to read a blog or an interview or maybe watch a documentary on your issue. You can easily add such buttons in your emails with PosterMyWall’s email templates. The base structure would already be there so you need only to make minor tweaks and it will be done.

Email marketing is an excellent means to inspire your donors and supporters to donate more to your charity’s cause. It allows you to be personal and deliver the appropriate message in a concise, easy-to-read, and engaging way. By following the steps listed above, you can ensure your charity inspires people to donate as much as they can.

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