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Funny Phone Numbers to Call – Get Detailed Guide Here!


Funny Phone Numbers to Call – An entertaining joke or good chuckle can be had by calling a humorous hotline or giving someone a funny phone number. Still, do you need some good phone numbers to dial? Feel free to contact any amusing phone numbers we’ve compiled, including character-specific numbers and general prank hotlines. All ages can enjoy these numbers; *67 is not necessary.

When you’re sitting at home and bored, you can call many funny numbers. These numbers are helpful when one wants to laugh heartily, annoy, perplex, or plain make fun of someone while they are bored at home. There are automated messages on the other end of most of these numbers, ranging from absurd to downright funny.

It seems like everything has a phone number these days—personal use and entertaining automated messages featuring your daily fix of nostalgic Hall and Oates songs. Have a moment to spare? It’s time to give these bizarre, absurd, and humorous phone numbers a call.

What does a vanity phone number mean?

Custom phone numbers, or vanity numbers, are unique numbers bought for marketability and memorability. They can use repetition and numerical patterns to make dialing simple or spell out a memorable word or phrase.

With a vanity number, you can select a number that represents your purpose or personal brand instead of a phone carrier-assigned string of numbers. That goal could be anything from your prank hotline to professional pragmatism.

What advantages does using your vanity number have?

Vanity numbers can offer a variety of advantages to the user, depending on how you choose to utilize them.

Choosing an intelligent vanity phone number can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Promote Memorability: The most memorable custom phone numbers are simple to recall, ensuring that your customers will always think of you first when they need to call you.
  • A memorable and compelling phone number will inevitably increase incoming calls.
  • Enhance User Experience: Providing your customers with an easy-to-dial phone number is a straightforward and welcoming method of improving their experience when they contact you for assistance or support.
  • Strengthen marketing message: A unique number can draw in listeners and convey a powerful message. It may even serve as a rallying cry!
  • Increase customer engagement: One of the best ways to improve customer engagement is through creative vanity numbers on phone calls, which are also one of the most efficient communication channels.
  • Differentiate your brand: A vanity number that complements your distinct brand personality helps you stand out from the plethora of forgettable phone numbers. It’s more than just a helpful tool.

Ten Hilarious Phone Numbers to Dial for a Good Laugh

Now is the time to step up your practical jokes! Anyone will laugh out loud when they hear these absurd phone numbers.

Sometimes, we need a good laugh, and calling someone to share some laughs couldn’t be simpler or faster. But we’re twisting the traditional April Fools’ Day tradition of using numbers to make prank calls this year. The days of calling strangers on the phone secretly to pull an April Fools’ joke on friends are long gone, especially since Caller ID is available to all and can be mean-spirited. Instead, share one (or more!) of these numbers to make that special someone smile.

Alternatively, if you’re goofy, give them a call yourself! These phone numbers are ideal for pulling practical jokes on kids and adults on April Fools’ Day. If you enjoy this, try these text-based April Fools’ pranks. Have fun making calls!

The funniest phone numbers for practical jokes

Contact Saul Goodman at 505-503-4455 via Better Call Saul.

Know someone who is completely engrossed in the smash television spinoff of Breaking Bad, which is also wildly popular? If so, call them as soon as possible at this amusing number. When someone calls, Saul Goodman will “answer” and offer his well-known legal advice: hang up and shut your mouth! More than a practical joke or April Fools’ Day meme, this might be appreciated by the right fan.

The workshop of Santa: 951-262-3062

Ho, ho, ho! Who said that April is Santa’s off month? Make use of Santa’s personal phone number to have a conversation with the man himself. This is a significant number to play practical jokes on kids, but it’s also an excellent choice for adults who need a good laugh and a little sense of wonder. While you’re at it, remember to tell Santa what you want for Christmas. These Butterball Turkey Day hotlines are a great source of additional holiday-themed numbers.

Murray Bauman’s apartment from Stranger Things: Call 618-625-8313.

Reach out to Murray Bauman, whose number was disclosed in the third season of the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, to relive the frenzy. Murray, a conspiracy theorist turned private investigator, has a special message for two women: Joyce Byers, about their collaborative effort to save the world, and his mother, who is guaranteed to make anyone laugh. For every upside-down enthusiast, this is the ideal April Fools joke. Additionally, if astrology is your thing, try these practical jokes based on your zodiac sign.

Dialing 719-266-2837 to reach Oates

Nothing makes you laugh harder than some unexpected pop-rock from the 1970s. Give your friend this number, and when they hear a British woman operator tell them they’ve reached the Callin’ Oates hotline, they’ll be laughing in no time. You can listen to Hall & Oates’s greatest hits with this number, among the greatest for practical jokes among music enthusiasts. To access “One on One,” “Rich Girl,” “Maneater,” and “Private Eyes,” press 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. Here are some prank videos to watch while you’re doing it to get the perfect April Fool’s joke.

248-434-5508 is the number that was rickrolled.

Whoa, you just got ripped off! When you send someone this number, Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” will start playing immediately. At least then you can tell them that. You’ve never heard of rickrolling? It’s a term used on the Internet to joke about sending someone videos of the 1980s pop hit at random. It’s time to apply this trend to phones, which will increase the gullibility of your victim. This epitomizes an “April Fools’ prank for a boyfriend”!

858-924-0180 is the worst-held music.

The worst thing is waiting on hold for an eternity while the same jingle keeps playing. Is it, though? This song wins hands down when it comes to truly terrible hold music. Yes, that is the sound of a severely off-key recorder playing Britney Spears’s “Toxic”; it is dubbed “S****yfluted” on YouTube. You’ll laugh out loud when you dial this amusing number until the other person starts screaming.

Incorrect test call received: 914-737-9938

Sometimes, you’re just done with your career. And the person speaking over the phone can understand! It begins as a typical test-call announcement for Westchester County, New York, but quickly develops into an amusing prank call. This is a notice from the CPTA. The voice opens with, “This is a test. “I don’t know what to say, and I’m not too worried about it,” How blasé! This lighthearted joke makes the ideal workplace joke.

Trey Parker from South Park can be reached at 719-838-4002.

Hey, all you fans of South Park! Trey Parker’s purported voicemail at this number is directly reached and contains some amusing remarks. Just be aware that you’ll want to binge-watch the entire series afterward.

Hotline for Sesame Street: 626-831-9333

At first glance, this humorous phone number may seem more appropriate for younger audiences, but who wouldn’t enjoy hearing well-known cartoon characters Grover and Oscar the Grouch offer some absurd life advice? This harmless prank phone number is guaranteed to make people smile and laugh. However, don’t take anything that Oscar says too literally!

Child comfort line: 707-873-7862

You guessed it—kids—have left encouraging messages on this pep-talk hotline. This is one of those numbers you can prank call someone to lift their spirits because it’s both funny and endearing. In our opinion, it’s more of a priceless gift than a joke!

Now that you are fully informed about the most popular phone numbers for prank calls, it’s time to find out which ones should be avoided as scams.

Top prank phone numbers to dial

Not just toll-free 800 numbers get to enjoy all the excitement. Many other songs are available to make you laugh when you need it. Give these a call and take a look!

719 26 OATES

These stressful times could use a Hall and Oates break for everyone. This number will take care of you. Four classics are available for selection: Rich Girl, Maneater, One-on-One, and Private Eyes.

Pizza 805 45

If you’ve watched the most recent “Stranger Things” season, you are aware of Surfer Boy Pizza’s involvement. When you call this number, you can pretend to be in the mood for some delicious pie and have a delightful conversation with a single endearing character.

1 254 63 COMET

This phone number is a tie-in to Netflix’s comedic film “Don’t Look Up,” it goes great with the film. In case you missed it, the film revolves around scientists alerting the world about the impending destruction of Earth by a comet, only to have their warnings dismissed until it was too late. Fun on-hold messages and a similar tone are reflected in the phone number.

270 301 5797

Most of these are just amusing little voicemails, but this “Kentucky Route Zero” video game tie-in elevates things to a new level. It took a long time for the creative team to construct a phone tree with many options. You could listen to them all for far too long—trust us, we have.

503 505 4455

In need of assistance? Before you watch “Breaking Bad,” you should “Better Call Saul.” This well-known phone number is self-explanatory.

248 434 5508

Do you want to trick a friend? For that, this is the ideal number. Please give this number to anyone who asks for one in the future. They’re going to get Rick Rolled when they call it. Your friend may stay on the line and listen to Rick Astley’s smooth rendition of “Never Gonna Give You Up,” or they may quickly end the call and give you a callback—a mutually beneficial outcome.

A Word of Wisdom

Joking around on April 1st: While getting prank calls is undoubtedly annoying, it seems there are certain occasions when it is appropriate, such as April Fool’s Day. It will be a great challenge and experience to try calling someone you know and pretending to be someone else while telling harmless lies.

Your best bet for playing practical jokes on people is to use a random phone number generator. You can call various numbers by selecting the area you wish to contact, and the generator will provide you with a list of potential numbers. You can also use Facetime or WhatsApp to look up and call random phone numbers to save money.

Are you dying to know what it’s like to converse with strangers? Now, let’s pull a practical joke on each other and see what kind of joke we can create.

Remember to complete your work by the deadline in addition to killing boredom. You can increase productivity and expedite your work by experimenting with AhaSlides’ features.

If you want more fun than just calling random numbers, check out Best AhaSlides Templates.

In summary

The numbers on the above list can amuse you for hours, convey a point, or make you feel better. You have to determine which number to use and when. Thus, grab your phone the next time you’re bored and goof around.

Strange, ridiculous phone numbers that genuinely work!

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