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Why am i getting so many spam calls on my Cell Phone – Queries and Solutions


Why am I getting so many spam calls on my cell phone?

  • One situation is Why am I getting so many spam calls on y cell phone are probably being aware of receiving it at worst possible time.
  • Can get it either during the meal, during a break, or at inappropriate times, such as at night.
  • In many cases, these calls are from commercials or simply spam calls, which causes a lot of annoyance to users.
  • Luckily, you can watch there are ways to block them on Android.
  • Many companies continue to use some very aggressive techniques when selling their products or services; this is very annoying and invasive for users.

Solutions using techniques to avoid spam calls

Of course, there are always solutions to avoid this type of spamming calls: both avoid them at the root and by blocking them on the mobile.

1. Robinson List

  • First of all, there is what is possibly the best-known option for everyone.
  • For years there has been in Spain the so-called Robinson List, an advertising exclusion list.
  • This means that the people whose phone number appears on that list expressed their wish not to receive commercial calls.
  • Companies that want to know what phone numbers they can call and which ones they don’t have to pay to see these lists.
  • Thus, if a company sees that a certain phone number is in it, the most common thing is that it does not bother you.
  • Consumers who want to can register for free on the Robinson list website.
  • The process is straightforward and takes a few minutes to complete.
  • It should be in mind that it does not work immediately since from the Robinson List inscription until the commercial or spam calls are stopped, it can take up to three months.
  • Usually, it is less, but it still takes a few weeks before they stop being received.

2. Spanish Agency for Data Protection

  • This is a more extreme step if the first one fails, as there may be companies that skip the Robinson List.
  • In this case, as the consumer has asked not to receive commercial calls on their smartphone or landline, they must go further.
  • More than three months are completed since the date you were registered on the Robinson List, and calls continue to be received, then we can report them to the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
  • Also, it is good to do this because more consumers have the same problem with that company, which may cause the action to be taken more urgently.
  • The normal thing is that repeat offenders are fined. The amount of these fines varies, but they are usually large.
  • On the web, there is more information on consumer rights and how you can report a company.

3. Google phone app

  • On many occasions, these commercial or spam calls occur on the smartphone.
  • For this reason, Google introduced a series of tools in Android, first in the Pixels, that prevent spam calls.
  • In the phone application, you can add phone numbers that you want to block. If there is a company or commercial that calls, it can be blocked manually, which will prevent the number from ringing again.
  • Also, this call blocking will improve very soon thanks to the new function in which it works in the phone app.
  • There are brands and mobile phone models that include their own phone app with more or less anti-spam functions.
  • Research your application to see if it has anti-commercial call tools.

4. Google assistant

  • Google Assistant has become another essential tool for Google.
  • At the end of last year, the assistant detects unwanted calls when received by an Android smartphone was announced.
  • A function that has to be expanded worldwide, but that shows the assistant’s importance in Google’s strategy.

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