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Benefits Of Migrating From Google Workspace To Microsoft 365


Looking to Migrate from Google Space to Microsoft 365?

Google Workspace – You could get many benefits if you move from Google Workplace to Microsoft 365. You could get certain benefits when you shift from Google Workplace to Microsoft 365.

Different platforms have different features. There are different factors that come to use when choosing the Cloud solution.

Different organizations choose different platforms to conduct office work. It is based on the convenience of the business entity. You could download Microsoft 365 from thepirateproxybay if you find it suitable for your business. 

In this article, we are going to look at the probable benefits that one could get by migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365.

Top Benefits To Get By Migrating From Google Workplace To Microsoft 365

So there are certain benefits that you are going to get by migrating from Google workplace to Microsoft 365. 

1. Pricing Plans Tailored To Your Business

You know that most eMail hosting solutions offer a range of pricing plans. The customers have the flexibility to choose a plan as per their business needs.

With Google Workspace, it offers different plans as per the needs of the business. There are three plans offered by Google Workspace, and they include Business standards, Business plus and Business starter.

So if you think that they are no more effective, then you are going to get a range of pricing plans. 

2. Convenience

Microsoft 365 provides a wide range of tools like word, excel, and PowerPoint, and it has been for around 30years.

Therefore they have emerged as the most trustworthy cloud platforms fitted with UI and other features.

People are more familiar with MS Outlook and MS office. Due to the familiarity and user-friendliness, people choose Microsoft 365 compared to that Google’s workplace. 

3. Designed Specifically For Businesses 

It is found from a survey that 85% of the fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Outlook as the preferred email system.

Now the professionals prefer Office 365 against Google because the former offers features like reliability, security, and scalability.

Office 365 is such a software package that it makes it easier to share, store and view files. To be plain and simple, Office 365 is specifically tailored for the professional workforce. 

4. Best Ecosystem 

When a business uses a platform, it would definitely want benefits. With Office 365, you are going to get a range of business applications that includes Share point, Office outlook, Stream, Calendar, Planner, Dynamics, and much more. All of them are integrated into each other.

Thus an ecosystem is created by Office 365, which favour is easy manoeuvrability across different systems.

That is why when you are running a business, and following a format, you are going to see that the entire ecosystem is good enough.

Here Office 365 wins over Google Workplace. The manoeuvrability is extremely easy and convenient. 

5. Security Threats Protection And Compliance Parameters

It is easier to meet the compliance requirements of Office 366 compared to that of Google Workplace.

Remember that Microsoft builds an extremely strong ecosystem where security, compliances, staying ahead of the pack, and keeping abreast of the ever-changing compliance standards. You have definitely noticed that Microsoft 365 has the most compliance certifications like FISMA, GDPR, SSAE 16, EU Data protection directive, etc. All of these provide added confidence to the businessman on Microsoft 365.

6. Superior Online Support 

Office 365 provides 24×7 email support and phone chats to the business through its CSPs. Along with the same, Microsoft provides in-depth training materials and resources. These self-help guides help businessmen in leveraging business benefits.

Therefore one needs to make sure that they are able to leverage the business benefits to their ends.

One thing that requires a mention is that switching from Google to Microsoft 365 is not that difficult at all.

But at the same time, it ought to be said that you may not really have a fully-equipped IT department that supports your small and medium business.

But instead of the efforts, the large business is moving slowly from the Google Workshop to the Microsoft 365 business premium. 


It could be concluded that Microsoft 365 offers a great many benefits that work to bring in added benefits to the business organization.

Microsoft Suite is suited for business applications. And hence the popularity of Office365 is increasing with time. Microsoft 365 clearly emerges as the winner here. 

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