Heavenly Demon Instructor 24


Heavenly Demon Instructor 24

Heavenly Demon Instructor 24 also known as Outland Heavenly Demon by cultivators, were strange beings of unknown origins. These beings were like meteors, and each year, a rare of them would fall onto the Earth. Some of them would injury to ashes as soon as they arrived in the atmosphere. But some whose luck or forte was good sufficient would successfully descend onto the surface of the Earth.

Normal human beings couldn’t see heavenly demons, and they too weren’t particularly attentive to ordinary human beings or animals. What they were looking for were strong cultivators, monster beasts, ghost cultivators, original deities, and other similar beings with a high amount of spiritual energy. After discovering them, they would hunt and kill them in instruction to eat them and increase their strength.

Physical Appearance

Due to the Devil Army revering him fanatically it believe that the Heavenly Demon Instructor 24 was not dissimilar from his followers. Also, it is thought that the Heavenly Demon like a great demon to whom smooth the Demon Kings would bow to and the greatest of the companies in the Tower all had this impression, which wherefore the Heavenly Demon had a very small next. Even Yeon-woo was pregnant a monster who could only destroy, a sick beast who hated anything that tense him down. However, the truth might not be additional than this.

As seen during his first conference with Yeon-woo, the Heavenly Demon is shown to be a very relax and playful individual, as seen where he network with Yeon-woo very friendly and makes jokes with him. As seen after their conversation, The Heavenly Demon is very whimsical, with him stating and later showing that he had no booking of doing outrageous things solely because he felt like it, even if his actions would be directly detrimental or even harmful to himself in the future, as seen where he willingly chose to help Yeon-woo despite him being the current successor to his enemy, the Black King. Yeon-woo himself noted that his laid back personality reminded him greatly of his teacher.


The origin of outland heavenly demons is now unknown. There are some conjectures that they were related with preceding Heavenly Way, or far more ancient era. Other conjecture includes they are from other worlds or creatures from other times and space.

Curse – Heavenly Demon Instructor 24

Curse - Heavenly Demon Instructor 24

The heavenly demons were annoying by the Fourth Heavenly Way, causing them to lose their understanding. Eight-Armed Heavenly Demon amalgamated the Heavenly Way Must Step Down Association to break the curse.

Battle Strength

Heavenly demons had somewhat low intelligence, and even their brain was just one of the strengths in their body. On the other hand, this allowable them to display a fighting capacity that was larger to their rank.

In instruction to slay a Sixth Stage heavenly demon, it was optional to form a task force containing more than two Sixth Stage True Monarchs as the leaders and twenty Fifth Stage Spirit Sovereigns as the assistants.

Types of Heavenly Demon

Blood Demon

Blood Demon is the first type of heavenly demon encounter by Song Shuhang.

Dragon Demon

Dragon Demon

Dragon Demon is the second type of heavenly demon by Song Shuhang. He first recite about it from a book titled Outline to Outland Heavenly Demons at Clear Water Pavilion’s library.

Different from any additional type of heavenly demons, dragon demons didn’t carry with them any resources. If can obtain some spirit stones already careful as not bad. Although they didn’t transmit any treasures, their bodies are treasures themselves. Its blood can refine into drug pills and medicine such as the Dragon Demon Medicine though its leather can use to produce high-quality magical clothes.

A Sixth Stage Factual Monarch Demon Dragon called Long Qianjun, met a sizeable force of Demons of the Nine Serenities to bout and kill the successor of the Vajrapani Temple. Before Long Qianjun can launch his boat, he accidentally slew by White and his body was given to Song Shuhang. Later on, his body was given to the Academic Contribute Society and refined into Dragon Demon Medicine.

Restoring Wisdom

After Daozi became the 8.5th Heavenly Way, he fulfilled his agreement with Heavenly Way Must Step Down Alliance’s member, the Eight-Armed Heavenly Demon.

Daozi enlisted the help of Tyrant Song, who used his newly comprehended Way of Non-life and Non-Dead, in the task.

After their resurrection, their wisdom and intelligence were restoring, and the curse place on them by the Fourth Heavenly Way remove completely.


  1. Both ‘heavenly demon’ and ‘heavenly demon from outer space’ translate as ‘cosmic demon’ by Godbrandy, while ‘outland heavenly demon’ translates as ‘extraterrestrial demon’. However, in chapter 488 Godbrandy translated all three as a cosmic demons without any distinction between them whatsoever.
  2. There is no differentiation between monster demon and heavenly demon by Godbrandy observed.
  3. ‘Dragon demon’ also translate as ‘demon dragons’ by Godbrandy.