The Advantages Of A Hosted VoIP System 


VoIP System – Nowadays, many business people out there are selecting a Hosted VoIP system as it has several advantages. This decision will help make them achieve better work indeed. 

As you have been hearing a lot about business phone services and still you don’t know what is meant by such a term, we will be explaining more about such a service via this article. 

What is a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP (Voice Over IP) is basically a means of transmitting voice calls over IP networks. A VoIP phone system lets phone calls be made via an Internet connection, rather than well-known landlines.

Here are a few advantages of such a Phone System:

1-Low cost

When you buy a Hosted VoIP phone system, you will be getting a high service at a competitive price with many benefits! However, purchasing such a system doesn’t mean that you are buying a phone system at all!  

You will get VoIP phones and the programming of the system is completely flexible and scalable as you grow.  

2-No Contracts needed

Many Hosted VoIP providers provide a no contract-based solution.  

While the traditional provider will always ask for a contract. 

A hosted VoIP provider that provides no-contract service will offer you peace of mind if you decide to end a business at any time. 

So, VoIP decreases costs compared to an old telephone system. Also, you can make more savings by studying the different offers from various suppliers. 

However, be careful to consider the features included. Some service suppliers might add additional fees for options that others include as standard in the packages. 

Thus, these characteristics must be adapted to your activity. 

3-Better Audio Quality

Compared to traditional phones, this offers a better sound quality without any interruptions and muffled audio than conventional phone systems

Other Features of such a System:

1-Ability to use the system from any place worldwide. In other words, the system is too flexible. You will be able to hire a virtual staff as your employees will never be obliged to work from the office. They can receive and answer calls from their comfortable bed. 

They only need a handset, a laptop and a high-speed internet connection. 

2-Transferring calls both internally and externally helps improve the reachability to your callers.

3-Receiving voicemail via email offers you the chance to know the caller’s needs and quickly forward the message or call them back to provide answers.

 4-The ability to link clients with the desired destination. That is because the system allows you to set up a guide to help customers press the buttons which leads them to the person who will really serve them. 

 5-The ability to grow into other markets and have each location on the same phone system. This technology helps you expand your business effectively. 

You can select whether your employees will have a direct dial number that is local to them or to your headquarters in case they are working from other locations or even both. 

How Does VoIP Work?

First, you must create an Internet connection so that your device may connect to your Local Area Network (LAN), and when you dial a mobile number, your IP phone asks your VoIP service provider to call the other party.

The call is created via your VoIP services, and data packets from your IP device are exchanged. These digital signals are then translated back into sound that is heard on your device.

And now you know what the VoIP phone system is, what are its advantages and how it works! So, are you going to install such a system to enhance your work and increase your profits?