How much is Apple TV – Catalog, Working, Cost, Applications, and More


How much is Apple TV?

  • Apple TV is the new streaming service that the company will launch and to know How much is Apple TV check the following.
  • We expect to reach more than 100 countries, although this will happen progressively.
  • The Apple TV + catalog is fundamentally on proprietary content more focused on quality than abundance.
  • Internationally renowned artists such as Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, or Jennifer Aniston are some producers who will have a place on this platform.
  • However, this Apple streaming platform will also include third-party content to provide its catalog with depth and variety in out-perform competitors such as Netflix or HBO.

How Apple TV works?

  • Apple TV is a subscription service with exclusive content and the presence of big names.
  • Also, one of its points in favor is that it will not include advertising.
  • The content of Apple TV can be seen online and download to enjoy it without being connected to the Internet.
  • This service is independent of Channels, a space that the company wants to access to all the platforms to which a user subscribes.

Apple TV Catalog

  • The grid mixes both own productions and third-party content.
  • And also, there are already confirmed several series, films, and programs that will include in the catalog.

These are some of the Apple TV Plus series confirmed at the moment:

  1. The Morning Show
  2. Amazing Stories
  3. See
  4. Are You Sleeping?
  5. Swagger
  6. Little voice
  7. Defending Jacob
  8. Little America
  • On the other hand, some of the shows and movies of their production confirmed so far are the following:
  • Helpers: Children’s program developed by the producers of Sesame Street
  • Toxic Labor
  • Hala: film acquired by Apple during the Sundance film festival 2019

Where to watch Apple TV?

  • To watch it, you will first need to have access to the app.
  • This application is available on Apple devices, and in time it will also be available on smart TVs.
  • In this regard, the app will arrive first on Samsung’s Smart TVs and later on other brands such as LG, Vizio, and Sony.
  • Also, Apple is expanding the catalog of devices from which you can watch it.
  • In this way, streaming devices such as Roku and Amazon Fire will also play, content on other televisions.
  • To enjoy Apple television, you will need an Internet connection to access its application, either to watch the content in streaming or to download it.

Apple TV price

  • Apple did not clarify the doubts about how much it costs, so we will have to wait for the platform’s official launch to know the price.
  • The cost of subscribing to expect to be similar to that of the streaming platforms it wants to compete with; that is, it will be around € 10.

When does Apple TV arrive in Spain?

  • The launch of it is scheduled for fall 2019 and expects to reach more than 100 countries.
  • However, this implementation is doing progressively.
  • It is not clear if it will also arrive in Spain on those dates or if, on the contrary.
  • It will be necessary to wait a few months after it is launching in the United States.
  • These dates can specify at the Apple event held every September in which the company presents its new iPhone models every year.

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