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Why Freelancers Should Invest in Invoicing Software

Invoicing Software

Invoicing Software – As a freelancer, you have a particular skill or focus that makes you marketable and gets people asking for your services. Whether you’re a photographer or a tax accountant, you only make money when billing for client time. All the other functions of running a business, like preparing a marketing strategy and invoicing, can burden your time and effectively lower your income ratio to hours worked.

Purchasing invoicing software can automate dozens of business tasks and save time for what matters – imparting your particular skill to others. Here are a few specific features of invoicing software that can save you time and money:

Give Your Clients an Easy, Automated Way to Pay You

When you purchase invoicing software, you only need to enter your billable hours and rate, and with a few clicks, the software will generate an invoice for your client and offer them a way to pay with credit, debit, and ACH. The invoicing software will keep you from maintaining several digital payment platforms and explaining how to pay an invoice to your clients.

Create Professional Templates that Include Line-Item Charges

You can create your template in invoicing software so that all of your inputs appear consistent and professional every time. You can also pull more information into the template than just the total billable hours and final charge, allowing your clients to see the line-item breakdown of billable hours by task, date, and time. Where you need to, you can also add notes.

Keep Track of Your Invoice and Payments Automatically

Invoicing software also acts as a bill collector, ensuring that your clients get automatic pings for payment and automatic recurring invoices. You can set up late fee options that will add to the final bill after a specific period. When a client pays an invoice, you’ll receive a notification about that action.

Track Your Entire Income with Invoice Tracking

Invoicing software will track what you’ve billed, what’s paid, and what’s due. You’ll be able to see at a glance how much money you’ve brought in that month so that you can compare that to your tracked expenses. By keeping your invoicing and costs all in one place, you can collect data more efficiently for tax season or other reasons.

Purchase Invoicing Software to Make Your Life Easier

It is a simple and affordable platform that will save you money instantly in the number of hours you don’t have to spend on these tasks. Over the long term, you’ll collect more from clients by having consistent billing and automatic reminders to make payments. If you aren’t convinced, you can even automate your sales pipeline and expenses using the same software.

Purchase invoicing software today and find all the ways that it can help you return to the genuine passion that brought you to freelancing without all of the headaches of running a small business.

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