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iPhone 2020 – Design, Specifications, Applications, and More


The iPhone 2020

In the era of “infinite screens” and with 75% of phones 4.7 inches in the iPhone 2020 SE analysis, and It has been a curious experience.

The question, in this case, seems quite clear: is it convincing a smart phone that, apart from a processor, does not present anything new?

These mobile components make it difficult to classify it, which translates into an experience that may not be what you can expect.

Design: when the blow to the table is to recover an aesthetic dead

  • When you dedicate yourself (for work or leisure) closely, you can follow the mobile market and its evolution.
  • Holding a smart phone like this is an instant trip to the past, no matter how much Apple has maintained this aesthetic until 2018 (not counting this launch) and much that is personally familiar to me.
  • In the era of the notch teardrop-shaped camera peeking through a hole and pulling it.
  • The outs seeking maximum prominence of the screen, the iPhone SE (2020) arrives with their frames notorious.
  • It maintains its symmetry and its Touch ID on the front (other than for lack of its principles), but with edges that are anachronistic with current trends.
  • Leaving aside the fashions and tastes, objectively, is something that eliminates the interaction surface.
  • Above all, it takes us away from that feeling of “infinite screen” that many mobiles even achieve in the mid-range, so a priori it is not something flattering.

Model Specification

  • Thus, the aluminum edge closes the two glass parts carefully and continuously.
  • It is drawing that hemisphere that Apple phones began to present from the iPhone 6 on their side ends.
  • The touch buttons divide into two sides, with the power/lock button on the SIM tray’s right.
  • The volume ones are on the other side next to the mute button, another brand from the Cupertino house.
  • On the bottom edge are the main speaker, microphone, and Lightning port, all perfectly aligned to the center.
  • We do not see the 3.5 mm jack, which has abandoned Apple mobiles since the iPhone 7.

Performance: the key to making it a good fit in 2020

  • One of the good news with this new SE was to see that it did not imply a downgrade at the processor level.
  • In this case, being born with a Jurassic front has not brought a chip with an upcoming expiration date.
  • The iPhone SE (2020) integrates the Apple A13 Bionic, a processor that numbers apart has given good results in previous mobiles compared to the competition.
  • Of course, Apple plays in another league with RAM, and the manufacturer is still far from entering that ring of up to 16 GB of RAM that we see in Android.
  • The iPhone SE (2020) has 3 GB of RAM, something that the brand does not specify but detect with apps such as the benchmarks that we will see later.
  • The RAM is to perform what the mAh in the battery speaking of the iPhone.
  • The number does not predetermine the experience, and it is not an empirical you to you with an Android mobile with the exact figures.
  • We will talk about the battery later, but the 3 GB of RAM with the A13 gives excellent results, and the system moves perfectly.

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