Joy-Con drift – Definition, Problems, Solution, Protection, and More


What is Switch Joy-Con drift?

  • Joy-Con drift is the name they give to Switch owners who have experienced with one of their detachable controllers.
  • They find that Switch’s movement is being detected when they are not touching or sensing the thumb stick on a Joy-Con.
  • Sometimes it happens even when they are not touching a Joy-Con at all.
  • It makes your gaming hard when characters move in different directions, not prompted by the player.
  • Or, an in-game camera can pan away from the action for no good reason.
  • Reports of Joy-Con drift are not isolated, either.
  • There are many posts on Twitter complaining about the issue, and many members of Kotaku’s staff have revealed they have experienced it.

Joy-Con drift Problems

  • Since the Nintendo Switch Lite is released, more portable Switch owners claim that they are suffering from Joy-Con drift, on its non-detachable thumb sticks.
  • It is not a severe problem that affects all Joy-Con, although it is pretty widespread.
  • And also, there are numerous cases where it has occurred for at least almost a year.
  • As we describe, it happens more with the left sticks than with the right ones.
  • And despite not touching the controllers, sometimes the game moves by itself.
  • “I have the character still, for example, and the camera goes to the sides by itself, or the character moves even if it doesn’t touch the controls.”
  • It’s not that it happens constantly, but it does happen enough to make it annoying, they explain.
  • It is an annoying problem that directly interferes with the control of the game.
  • Nintendo supports phantom keystrokes with the Switch’s Joy-Con
  • Now Nintendo has recognized the problem and promises a solution.
  • To date, only if you were under warranty could you go to Nintendo and have them changed.

What is the cause of this problem with the Joy-Con?

  • The cause is unknown, but Nintendo already offers official support.
  • There is no official explanation yet, but it could be a combination of several factors.
  • First is the dust, which could get inside the stick and generate accidental touches.
  • Other theories are that the connectors could be poorly assembled.
  • There is also no clear solution, so our recommendation is to follow Nintendo’s information and go to the company’s support.
  • Nintendo has already recognized the problem and predictably offers a quick and free solution even though the Switch warranty has already passed.
  • Although sending an accessory to repair is not very rewarding, at least we already have confirmation that Nintendo will listen to us.
  • And admit that something has not worked as it should.
  • It remains to hope that the brand has fixed these problems in the new Nintendo Switch 2019 and Lite, where the controls are not removable.

What about a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo?

  • When you are a US resident or citizen and are not satisfied with Nintendo’s response to the issue, you can join the class action.
  • It is filed by legal firm CSK&D on behalf of your Switch owner Ryan Diaz, who experiences the issue on numerous Joy-Cons old and new.
  • It alleges that “the joysticks on Joy-Con controllers are defective, leading users to experience drift issues”.
  • And therefore “brings claims under various consumer protection statutes as well as various warranty and common law claims.”

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