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Labo VR Review – Description, Specification, Drawbacks, Labo VR Review, and More


What is Labo VR?

  • Nintendo Labo VR Review in Kit, we were surprised by the 3D effect of the Nintendo 3DS and many people’s disbelief.
  • On the other hand, I could not help feeling cautious about it, since they are still cardboard and accessories from 34.90 euros.
  • The most direct competition (PlayStation VR) offers a Virtual Reality experience for about 249 euros.
  • A year since Nintendo Labo, we debuted on the market with its first two Kits.

Con 03: Vehicle Kit

  • For the third (Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit), we had to wait until mid-September of last year, after which we thought that the Big N would stop launching more.
  • But as we know, this same month of April came the so-called Toy-Con 04: VR Kit, where Nintendo gets fully into Virtual Reality in its way.
  • Because we are going to make it clear from the beginning: this Virtual Reality has little.
  • It can hit the layman in the matter, but immediately you see the seams as soon as we delve into the pot.
  • You have to take it for what it is an inexpensive approach and with slight touches of Virtual Reality.
  • But it comes in handy for the little ones in the house to get started.
  • This technology, because of fun creating things with Nintendo Labo, continues to be.

Best VR Kit

  • It is, in fact, the best of Labo VR Review, and in the case of the most basic pack, it will not take us an hour to assemble it.
  • It is a product where a different effect to the 3D of the Nintendo mentioned above 3DS comes into play.
  • Logically, the health warnings about its use will be repeated more if possible.
  • It is both when pausing more often and about not wearing your glasses to look at the sun.
  • The assembly process is the usual one in Nintendo Labo; on the other hand, we follow the Switch’s ultra-detailed instructions.
  • Being able to advance or rewind the video and even rotate what is shown on the screen.
  • We do not doubt where to make a fold or fit a washer until everything is done. In this sense, we are still surprised by how well cardboard is used initially.
  • Also, the console dimensions have been taken into account so that it fits perfectly in this Nintendo Labo VR Kit.
  • We are making sure that it does not move afterward, thanks to some rough and fluffy stickers.


  • Now, it has several input drawbacks
  • It has no restraint, so you have to hold it all the time
  • The action “button” at the top is not very fine
  • As its definition is not so sharp, it tires the eyes too soon
  • And above all, your Virtual Reality has no depth

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

  • It is still a bit ironic that when we analyzed Astro Bot: Rescue Mission at the time, we said, as a compliment.
  • Japan Studio had created a product for Sony that seemed to be made itself because, in this Labo VR Kit.
  • There is some Initial mini-game vaguely reminiscent of the fantastic PlayStation VR proposal and no spark.
  • The reality hangover is that the vast majority of mini-games wasted this pack’s potential unless.
  • We are going to build their various accessories, such as coming in the Starter Pack, the Disintegrator (Blaster), construction much more complex and fun than the VR Kit.
  • It is a shooter on rails where we will feel the weapon’s recoil, one of every Nintendo Labo gadget’s strengths.
  • We immerse ourselves in a completely different way than usual in video games.
  • And now it works with that extra Virtual Reality but without being spectacular.

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