Last of Us II – Best game on PS4, Realistic features, Best price, and More


The Last of Us II, the game with the most GOTY prizes, at its all-time low price

  • The Last of Us Part II, the celebrated action survival adventure from Californian studio Naughty Dog for PS4, is currently at its all-time low price in physical format.
  • Thanks to a new special offer from PlayStation, you can buy the game starring Ellie for only 30 euros instead of the usual 69.99 euros.
  • Yes, only until next March 2, 2021, in typical video game stores and shops.
  • Thanks to this new promotion, there is no longer an excuse to immerse yourself in a journey of search.
  • And also, improvement through the video game that more GOTY or Game of the Year awards in history.

Winner of more than 250 GOTY awards at the best price

  • The Last of Us Part II has received more than 250 awards GOTY worldwide.
  • The prize for the Most adventurous and Best Game of the Year at the gala of The Game Awards 2020.
  • Still, it is also that the adventure starring Ellie won six more statuettes from the TGA 2020.
  • Including Best Direction, Best Interpretation, Best Narrative, Best Audio Design, Best Adventure / Action Game, and Best Achievement in Accessibility.
  • Not content with it, the title directed by Neil Druckmann has also been the great winner of the 2020 Golden Joystick Awards with five awards, among many other international awards.
  • The Last of Us Part II, the sequel to the first installment.
  • The Last of Us, takes us five years after the original video game events.
  • It’s a new adventure in which Ellie will embark on a journey from Jackson’s snow-capped mountains (along with a thriving community of survivors) to the desolate ruins of Seattle.
  • It is all under a powerful and profound narrative development typical of the largest and most successful film productions.
  • That will keep the player in suspense from the first minutes until the end of a dangerous journey full of threats and unexpected turns.
  • So much so that after an unexpected event as violent as it is surprising, Ellie throws into a spiral of revenge.
  • She will not be able to escape until she can do justice and face the consequences of her actions, both physically and emotionally.
  • The fantastic world created by Naughty Dog has a lot to say in this.
  • And how PS4 can put a whole graphic show on the screen at levels rarely seen on a console.

What would such a realistic staging be without game play to match?

  • Thanks to the perfect balance between realism and technology, we will be able to experience all our protagonist’s actions intensely.
  • From her melee and firearms combat movements (with ultra-realistic animations ) to the platform sequences, exploration, and stealth.
  • We invite you to discover all the peculiarities and benefits.
  • The Last of Us Part II in our detailed analysis.
  • For all those who have not tried The Last of Us Part II.
  • Now is the perfect time to get the game in physical format for PS4.
  • It is at the best price since its original launch.
  • Now for only 29.99 euros, it is available in regular stores and video game stores, only until next March 2, 2021.