Latest Intel processor – Description, Latest Models, Technology, and More


What is the Latest Intel processor?

  • Almost several months have passed since Intel introduced its Latest Intel Processor for desktops.
  • The versions of these chips adapted to laptops have been waiting.
  • And it is that the Santa Clara company has just unveiled its first 9th generation microprocessors for laptops.
  • The solutions that have a lot in common, as might be expected, with the versions for desktop machines.
  • During the presentation of its new chips, Intel has not mentioned the lithography it uses to make them.
  • With a very high probability, it will be using the same integration technology introduced in the 9th generation processors for desktop computers: 14 nm ++.
  • In any case, the most exciting thing is that, although these new CPUs are intended for high-performance notebooks in general.
  • It will have their sights set on equipment for gaming and content creation.

9th Gen Intel Core for Laptops – Technical Specifications

  • At the moment, there are six new 9th generation microprocessors for laptops presented by Intel: two Core i9 chips, another two Core i7, and as many Core i5.
  • All of them incorporate Hyper-Threading technology to simultaneously process two threads of execution (lines) in the physical core.
  • Of course, the Core i9 has eight seats, the Core i7 has six centers, and the more modest Core i5 is made up of four cores.
  • So here we already have one of the most relevant differences between these three families of chips.
  • The TDP ( Thermal Design Power ) of all microprocessors is the same ( 45 watts ) despite their different number of cores and the differences between some chips and others if we stick to their clock frequency.
  • In Spanish, we can translate this parameter as ‘thermal design power.
  • It reflects how much energy the CPU dissipates in heat when all its cores are active and working at the base clock frequency.
  • A characteristic that reflects the vocation that some new microprocessors have to establish themselves as CPUs in gaming laptops.
  • Is that they will arrive unlocked so that users can practice overclocking with them.
  • Of course, only the Intel Core i9-9980HK and Intel Core i7-9850H models will be opened (the latter part).
  • The Intel Core i9-9980HK and Intel Core i7-9850H models will be unlocking (the latter only partially), so gaming enthusiasts can practice overclocking with them.
  • Another critical difference between the 9th Generation Intel Core i9, i7, and i5 families lies in the ability to level 3 cache.
  • It will range from 16MB for Core i9 chips to 8MB for Core i5 processors.
  • This high-performance memory subsystem acts as an intermediary between the CPU level 1 and 2 caches and main memory.
  • The increased capacity often positively impacts machine performance.

More power, but also Wi-Fi 6 and Intel Optane H10

  • During the presentation of the new processors, Intel spokesmen have emphasized the increase in performance.
  • It will bring if we compared them with several gaming laptops’ CPUs three years ago.
  • It can be more useful if the comparison that carries out by confronting the new processors with comparable 8th generation chips.
  • Still, for the moment, this is the information they have offered us.