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Light Camera – Description, Specification, Process, and More


How to choose a Light Camera?

  • To get a Light camera, First: There is nothing like the best camera. Each brand and each model offers some benefits or others.
  • Yes, there are recommended digital cameras, which I will mention to you, but you should know that the best camera does not exist.
  • As you read this article, you should wonder which of all the cameras.
  • It will be yours, closest to what you are looking for in a light camera.
  • Second: What do you want? What are you looking for? It is essential to be clear about what benefits are more important to you than others.
  • Are you interested in the camera having a rotating screen? Do I need to have a sound video recording?
  • Should it be very light so you can always carry it without feeling too heavy? Does it have to be, above all, economical?
  • These questions will help you discard cameras and keep the one closest to the use you want to make of them.
  • Third: Don’t be intimidated by terminology and technicalities.
  • I recommend you leave this document open while you go through your reading.
  • I explain in a simplified route all the terms and specifications of cameras that may scare you.

Best Light camera for Hobbyists

  • And I add “for amateurs” because it could include more cameras, much more powerful.
  • Still, a good camera for an amateur is a camera whose use has to be simple, easy to learn, and without complications.
  • It will help if you have a simple reflex camera that makes getting impressive photos easier.
  • And also, it is not a complex and heavy camera with which you lose your desire.
  • Also, it has to be a photographic camera whose price is very affordable.

1. CANON EOS 4000D

  • It is the most affordable SLR camera.
  • With the 4000D, the folks at Canon have set a record for an inexpensive SLR camera.
  • Also, being one of the best SLR cameras an amateur photographer can own today.
  • The Canon ESO 4000D boasts all the features that a decent camera should have today: 18 megapixels of resolution (more than enough).
  • It uses Wi-Fi connectivity to transfer photos or control the camera real-time the mobile.

2. NIKON D3500

  • The D3500 is one of the most successful camera models of the Nikon brand, especially recommended for those who want to take their first SLR photography steps with a prestigious brand like this one.
  • This camera stands out with its sensor with 24 megapixels, 11 focus points, and an ISO sensitivity of up to 25,600.
  • The editing and retouching of photos and videos from the camera without going to a computer.
  • In this, video recording in Full HD 1080p (with an attractive “slow-motion” option), Wi-Fi connectivity to shoot from the smartphone.

3. CANON EOS 1300D

  • Canon carefully chose elements from their various camera models and put them together in this small but rugged DSLR called the 1300D.
  • In it, you will find an 18-megapixel sensor, more than enough for the daily use of the amateur photographer.
  • Along with autofocus based on 9 points, among other characteristics.
  • The 1300D not only excellently fulfils what is expected of a DSLR camera.

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