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All to Know About Minecraft Wings


Minecraft Wings – The wings look nearly identical to an ability found in Trion World’s Trove, which allowed players to craft a variety of wings that open up aerial traversal. Those came in a number of styles, including fairy and fire wings among others. Judging from Bergensten’s tweets, it looks like wings can be reskinned (Bergensten uses a Mojang cape design on his) and then fold up into a cape when the player touches the ground. Players can only trigger the wings by falling from a high enough point and looking in a certain direction.

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About Wings

There are 10 different styles of Wings available. They aren’t equipable items. Instead, players can create new Potions, with the base item being a Potion of Slow Falling. When drinking these new Potions, a set of Wings will appear on the player’s back.

These Wings are cosmetic and don’t appear in your inventory, so the Chestplate slot is still available. Another great feature is that Wings don’t work like an Elytra. It’s possible to fly and take off without the need for Firework Rockets.

Wing Styles

As previously mentioned, there are 10 different Wing styles available. This includes Angels, Slime, Parrot, Blue Butterfly, Monarch Butterfly, Fire, Bat, Fairy, Evil, and Dragon Wings.

The models of the Wings are beautifully designed, as they have lots of 3D features, making them much better looking than an Elytra. The texture work is very good too. Use our slideshow below to scroll through each Wing design and its recipe.

To obtain a set of Wings, a Potion must be brewed. Inside a Brewing Stand, place 3 Potions of Slow Falling as the base Potion ingredient. Each set of Wings then needs a core item, depending on the style you want to craft.

  1. Angel Wings = Feather
  2. Slime Wings = Slimeball
  3. Parrot Wings = Red Dye
  4. Blue Butterfly Wings = Blue Dye
  5. Monarch Butterfly Wings = Orange Dye
  6. Fire Wings = Blaze Powder
  7. Bat Wings = Bat Blood
  8. Fairy Wings = Oxeye Daisy
  9. Evil Wings = Bone
  10. Dragon Wings = Leather

What do the Wings do in Minecraft?

Minecraft Wings

Glide through the air. Elytra allow players to sail through the air for a short distance after jumping. This can be used to travel long distances or to reach difficult-to-access areas.

Fly by using Fireworks. Elytra can also be used to fly by using Fireworks. When a firework is launched while wearing Elytra, it will propel the player forward in the air. This can be used to travel long distances quickly or to reach high altitudes.

Deflect projectiles. Elytra can also deflect projectiles. If a projectile hits an Elytra-wearing player, it will be deflected away from the player. This can be used to protect the player from being attacked by ranged mobs.

Elytra are a powerful item that can be used for a variety of purposes. They are a great way to travel long distances, reach difficult-to-access areas, and protect the player from ranged attacks.

Using Wings

After drinking a Potion, the Wings will appear on your back, and some have animations. No Firework Rockets are needed, and neither is height. Instead, tap the R key. This will allow you to start gaining height and momentum like you’re setting off Firework Rockets.

Don’t hold down the R key, as this will cause it to look glitched. Just a simple tap of the key will allow you to switch between flying and landing mode.

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How To Remove Wings?

There are 2 ways of removing Wings. Firstly, if the player dies, then they’ll be removed automatically, as Wings only last as long as the player is alive. After dying, another Potion will need to be brewed and consumed to gain more Wings.

However, players can also drink Bat Blood, a new item added with the mod. To obtain Bat Blood, head underground into the Caves, and search for Bats. If you can, right-click them with a Glass Bottle, to collect Bat Blood. Drinking Bat Blood will remove any sets of Wings you’re wearing, and they won’t be refunded to you.

How do I make Wings in Minecraft?

You can’t make wings in Minecraft. The only way to get wings in vanilla Minecraft is to find Elytra in End Cities. Elytra are found in the chest plate slot and allow players to glide through the air.

Here are the steps on how to get Elytra in Minecraft:

  • Defeat the Ender Dragon.
  • Find an End City.
  • Search the End City for a chest.
  • Open the chest and look for Elytra.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of finding Elytra, you can also use a mod that adds wings to Minecraft. There are many mods that add wings to Minecraft, so you should be able to find one that fits your needs.

Types Of Wings In Minecraft

There are two types of wings in Minecraft: Elytra and Phantom Membranes.

  • Elytra are the only wings that can be used to fly in vanilla Minecraft. They are found in End Cities, which are structures that spawn in the End after the Ender Dragon is defeated. Elytra can be equipped in the chest plate slot and allow players to glide through the air.
  • Phantom Membranes are used to craft Elytra. They can be obtained by killing Phantoms, which are hostile mobs that spawn at night when the player is not sleeping. Phantom Membranes can also be found in chests in End Cities.

There are also a few mods that add other types of wings to Minecraft. These mods typically add wings that have different abilities, such as the ability to fly faster or to hover in the air.

Here are some of the most popular mods that add wings to Minecraft:

  • Wings
  • Angelic Additions
  • Fly Mod
  • Angelic Wings

These are just a few of the many mods that add wings to Minecraft. If you are looking for a way to fly in Minecraft, there are many options available to you.

What are the Flying Wings called in Minecraft?

What are the Flying Wings called in Minecraft?

The flying wings in Minecraft are called Elytra. They are a rare item that can be found in End Cities, which are structures that spawn in the End after the Ender Dragon is defeated. Elytra can be equipped in the chest plate slot and allow players to glide through the air.
Elytra are made from the wings of the Ender Dragon, which is why they are so rare. They can also be repaired using Phantom Membranes, which are dropped by Phantoms.

Elytra are a valuable item, and they can be used to travel long distances quickly. They can also be used to reach difficult-to-access areas. However, Elytra do not allow players to fly freely. They can only glide through the air, and they will eventually lose altitude.

To fly with Elytra, players need to jump and then glide. They can use Fireworks to propel themselves forward, and they can also use their hands to control their direction of travel.

Elytra are a powerful item, and they can be a great way to explore the world of Minecraft. However, they are also rare items, so players will need to work hard to get their hands on them.


The Minecraft community is undoubtedly taking this well, judging from replies to Bergensten’s tweets alone, but this is something that Trion World’s Trove did better and with more flair some months ago and at an easier entry point than “go find it.” It’s also a little odd that the wings can only be triggered by letting your character begin to fall. You can’t flap your wings to gain height, making them seem like more of a glider.

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