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9 Gift Ideas for Your Kids Who Love Mobile Games


You don’t have to be a genius to know video games are everywhere these days. The tradition of gifting people with video game-related gifts continues to be a struggle. Finding the perfect gift for a gamer is one of the daunting tasks you can do, similar to the final boss battle.

It is not easy to get some game consoles in the market. Also, the fact that there are many gifts to buy for a gamer makes it hard to select the right one for your kid. Nothing can go wrong when buying something new. However, if you are looking forward to shaking things a little bit, this is the right place to start.

Below are some of the best ideas for video game lovers that will stand out, from the latest Nintendo accessory, video games and state of the art gaming gadget to nostalgia-inducing collectables. These gifts are crowd-pleasers regardless of whether it is for your girlfriend, best friend, roommate, young ones or parents.

Best gamer’s gift for your kid

Couch gaming lapboard

Most gamers would prefer couch over hunching over the desk. Therefore, you can buy this lapboard for your kid which contains a USB hub to plug and route any cable for keyboard, headset or mouse.

The lapboard contains two side pockets: one for the drink or remote control and the other for the mouse. The lapboard is installed with Velcro to ensure your kid’s keyboard is intact on it.

Luminoodle TV backlight

When buying these gifts, ensure you get the adhesive backing that always comes with the LED light strip. The adhesive backing will help fix the LED light strip at the back of the monitor or HDTV.

TV backlight will help reduce straining since it has 10 brightness settings and 15 color options. The gaming station will shine thanks to these LED backlights and match the RGB keyboard, mousepad and mouse.

The only thing you should do is determine the screen’s size of your kid since it has 3 length option and comes with a USB plug.

Gaming headset stand

The best headset stand will offer more than elevating headset. You can get a headset rest with more than 1 USB jack and power outlet for your kid.

The USB ports can help the gamer charge headphones, smartwatch, and smartwatch simultaneously and faster.

PlayStation icons light

These nifty lights will improve the look of the play station and are perfect on any desk. Some icon lights have the ability to reach to game audio or music hence flashing with the game actions.

Arcade retro machine

This small arcade cabinet contains 200 retro-inspired titles. Some of the features include:

  • Standard A and B buttons
  • Quick maneuverable joystick
  • Start button for play/pause
  • In-game audio speakers

This device can be powered by a Micro USB cable or 4 AAA batteries.

Audio sunglasses

These glasses are more than just protecting the eyes from sharp light. They are designed with a tech to listen to podcasts, stream music and make calls without making any additional.

You can get these glasses in different designs to suit the needs of your kid.

Bird rock gaming chair

Most gaming chairs are not suitable for the furniture in the room. Therefore, you can buy this bird rock gaming chair for your kid to make the room unique. The chair is one of the most comfortable and supportive chairs in the market. The chair looks good on the floor!

Gaming mouse

If your young one loves PC and eSport gaming, ensure you add a Razer death mouse to the gift list to get. This mouse is one of the best, most sensitive and fastest mouse with optical sensors in the market.

This mouse is customizable, light and ergonomic. It is accurate and comfortable since it can work well in slow- and fast-paced gameplay.

Dual charging station

This device is incredible, quick, affordable, easy to use, and convenient to recharge two controllers simultaneously.

Bonus Gift: All-in-One computer

An All-in-One computer is the perfect gift for kids who love mobile games. It combines the power of a desktop computer with the convenience of a compact and integrated design, making it perfect for gaming and various other activities.

However, if your kid loves Apple products, you can buy Apple gift card to make a dream come true. Your kid can enjoy Apple accessories, movie apps, TV shows, products, and games with a gift card.

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