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Online Banking

Online banking allows to conduct financial transactions via the Internet. ICICI Bank was the first to introduce Internet banking facility in the country to enable individuals and corporations to transact online without visiting a branch. It was also first bank to start mobile banking in the country. It offers customers almost every service traditionally available through local branches, including deposits, transfers, and also online bill payments. Online banking is also known Internet banking or web banking.

How to Use Online Banking Safely and Secure?

Set a strong, unique password, and change it regularly, once quarter is good start 3. Enable two-factor or multi-factor verification if bank offers it. Taking advantage of your bank’s various security features is crucial to protect money as personal information. Use password manager program to help you set and remember strong passwords.  Never give online banking details to anyone, and avoid online banking if using public WiFi.2 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. “Tip Using Mobile Device for Financial Service.” Check accounts regularly, and report suspected fraud immediately.

Internet Banking

ICICI Bank Internet Banking is simple, convenient, 100% secure, and lets you carry out a wide range of banking transactions and access numerous Net Banking features Now, say goodbye to long queues and unwanted delays. With ICICI Bank, Net Banking instantly unlocks a better lifestyle anytime and anywhere in just a few clicks.

Online Banking Payment

Online bill pay is a simple way to automate your bills and ensure you’re never late on a charge. Yes, you can use online banking to pay bills on time every month. But you can log in to your online banking account monthly to arrange bill payments or set up automatic payments. It works incredibly well for accounts with regular, set amounts, such as a mortgage, insurance, or car payment.

Don’t have Internet Banking with ICICI Bank? Then Open Instantly

Opt for ICICI Bank Internet Banking to carry all banking transactions and easily manage your finances from anywhere in the world.

When opening a Bank Account online: You can follow these four steps given below.
1: Use Internet Banking User ID during the account opening process
2: Visit Bank’s website and, click on ‘New User’ tab in top right corner
3: Click on ‘I want my Password’ button to generate your password
4: Once generated, you click on ‘Login’ to enter your User ID and Password


  1. Call Customer Care and authenticate yourself

2 Choose ‘Self Banking’ or click ‘I want my User ID’ button

  1. Generate your password instantly online
  2. Log in user ID and password to access the account


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