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Online Privacy Write for Us, Guest Post, Contribute, and Submit Post

Online Privacy Write for Us

Online Privacy Write for Us

It covers the online security available for personal and financial data, communication, and preferences. Internet users often attempt to increase online privacy through anti-virus software, strong password choices, turning off tracking, reviewing site security, and opting for stricter privacy settings.

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What Does Privacy Mean on a Computer? The Internet?

The complex issue of computer privacy covers the way personal information is used, collected, shared, and stored on your devices and while on the Internet. Personal information about your habits, shopping, and location can collected from your phone, GPS, and other devices—and eventually shared with third parties. Internet and device users can ask how information will use and review online privacy policies.

How Strong Is Your Online Privacy?

Online privacy refers to your ability and right to keep private information. While half of the equation has to do with what you post online and how the service you use share your information, the rest made up of laws and policies meant to protect consumers.

Unfortunately, few regions have strict rules around how tech companies, advertisers, and online services protect your privacy. And even when online privacy laws exist, not all companies follow them — such as when Cambridge Analytica leverages Facebook to collect millions of data points on U.S. voters.

It is What Makes Online Privacy Complicate

Even if you do everything you can to protect personal information online, companies can hack, collect more data than necessary, or use what they know about you for questionable or fraudulent purposes.

It Brings up the third Aspect of Online Privacy: Internet Security

Internet privacy and internet security are not the same but are closely relate. Privacy usually involves legal data collection (like what you post on Instagram, Snapchat, and also other social media). At the same time, cybersecurity focuses on illegal data collection (like protecting accounts from hackers or cyberattacks).

In the end, there’s a lot of overlap between the two. Good security enhances privacy, and enhanced privacy help maintain good security. Taking some simple steps can improve both.

How To Protect Privacy and Personal Information Online

To Protect Privacy and Personal Information Online

  • Share less information with app and services
  • Use strong and unique passwords with 2FA
  • Tighten privacy settings on your social media account
  • Delete unused accounts, apps, and browser extension
  • Stop search engine from tracking you
  • Use a VPN to hide browsing history
  • Don’t ignore software or operating system update
  • Use Privacy Assistant to block ads and data track
  • Use encryption to hide your data from prying eye
  • Revoke unnecessary third-party app connection
  • Request that data broker remove personal information
  • Monitor sensitive information with identity theft protection

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