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How to choose OPPO A53 Cover?

Oppo A53 Cover

Oppo A53 Cover

Here’s how to pick a mobile case – Oppo A53 Cover

We shell out thousands of rupees on mobiles phones but when it comes to their Accessories, especially cases, we choose the inexpensive ones. Some of us don’t even reflect buying one because make our phone bulky. Therefore, We can’t deny the fact that mobile phones without cases are more prone to bumps, cracks, dents, even crushed screens.

A variety of mobile cases with imposing prints and designs are available at low prices. Therefore, They defend your phones from scratches and smudges. After that, The decent ones even protect your Mobiles phones from dents, bumps, drops and other physical damage. But, If you newly bought a smartphone, here is the complete guide on how to buy a mobile case.

Tough and Rugged Cases

Another solid option comprises tough and rugged cases, that redefines style and protect your mobiles phones from scratches, bumps and drops. Some cases are even particular, offering protection against water and dust. However, Tough cases are constructed of several layers of plastics, which make them strong and durable. After that, If you are looking for a case that can help your phone survive all kinds of physical damage, you should go for threatening and rugged cases.

Folio or Flip Cases

Folio (also called flip cases) sweeping like a book, covering every side and corner of your mobile phone. Flip cases add heaviness to the mobile phone to offer a complete edge-to-edge guard. Sometimes, the flip covers come with bags for holding approximately cash or cards, so they double as a wallet.

Bumper Cases – OPPO A53 Cover

However, These cases are lightweight and negligible in design. After that, They cover only the sides of the mobile phone, leaving the back and front of the phone exposed. Therefore Bumper cases are made of shock-absorbing ingredients, protecting the phone against bumps. They are good replacements to traditional cases because you can show off the plan and colours of your mobile phones.

Pouch cases

However, Pouches are simple and help keep mobile phones safe from scratches and smudges. They aren’t specific to mobile phones and can also be used to store debits cards or cash. Pouches do not assign to mobile phones, so you need to remove your phone each time you need to use it. After that Smartphone pouches are complete of soft fabric, rubber and leather. Though cases offer complete protection, there still remains the risk of smartphones slipping off them. But, Some pouches come with a key to stop this from happening.

About the Oppo A53 Cover

Size and Weight

*Product size and weight may contrast by configuration, after that, manufacturing process and measurements. All stipulations are subject to the actual product.

Storage and Memory

*The actual usable size will be reduced and different due to many factors.


    Shooting Mode

photo, video, professional mode, panorama mode, portrait, time-lapse photography, etc.

    Front Camera

16MP Selfie Camera

f/2.0 aperture, 5P lens, AI beautification, support portrait bokeh effect.

Support up to 4624×3468 resolution.

Mobile Chips Platform

Cellular Network



In the Box

Additional Remarks

However, Special technology is applied to conceal the proximity sensor on the Upper front of the smartphone for the whole look of simplicity of OPPO’s smartphones. After that, It may cause abnormality of proximity purpose if the film or protector covers the nearness sensor area. But, Refer to OPPO’s official plan of protector and film for details.

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