Panasonic S1 – Description, Specifications, Complexity, Price, and More

What is Panasonic S1?

  • Panasonic S1 is new system that is helpful for now comes in the form of non-final cameras.
  • Too soon, therefore, to conclude or even assess the image quality with the first photographs.
  • It is with the Lumix S1 and S1R during the few hours that we have spent with them.
  • Despite this, we cannot resist the temptation, final specifications on the table and with the cameras and optics in hand.
  • It convinced us the most about the new system and the pending duties Panasonic has in this course.


  • And, let’s face it, the company has a rather complex and delicate job ahead of it:
  • Position its full-format cameras in the face of extreme competition.
  • Do so without damaging its sales in the Micro Four Thirds segment.
  • Explain controversial issues such as size.

Panasonic S1 and the price

  • We also break down some of the highlights and share doubts about the system, but as a summary.
  • Let’s review what convinces us the most and what least of this full-format premiere.

The Best Panasonic

  • The construction is superb.
  • Those who do not believe that the smaller the camera, the better and put ergonomics and grip first will enjoy this strong S1 and S1R.
  • And the switch for two customizable modes also on the front of the camera.
  • The electronic viewfinder is spectacular in terms of size and resolution.
  • From what we have seen, the refreshment is perfect, there are no apparent blackout problems.
  • And the options to configure the magnification are a detail that those of us who wear glasses appreciate.
  • Of course, in terms of color and image, the Nikon Z still seems more real to us.

Image Quality

  • Image quality promises, both from the camera and from the tested lenses.
  • That a 2,500 euro 50mm f1.4 is excellent is nothing short of mandatory.
  • We are almost more interested in seeing that the 24-105mm f4 performs more than decently.
  • For now, we cannot evaluate the results with the sample images made with preliminary firmware.
  • And without any tool capable of opening the RAW. Still, what we see 100% on the computer screen we like.
  • Panasonic promises six steps of improvement thanks to its dual stabilizer that combines the body’s stabilization with that of the optics.
  • Something unique for a full-format camera and that in a very improvised test we wanted to verify, with a result closer to 4 than six steps.

What we are not clear about?

  • The focus system has left us confused enough that we can’t fit it into either category.
  • Although the detection and tracking system for people, faces, eyes, and animals is promising and works.
  • In darker scenes, we have detected some doubts in the mechanism to find a focus point, both in photo and video.
  • They are not active or sports cameras, but there is some room for improvement.

The least convincing

  • The price, of course, we will not talk about expensive cameras, because that is very relative.
  • But while they are on target and following the script set by Sony with the A7III and A7R III.
  • The new Lumix are the most expensive full-frame mirror-less cameras in their respective categories.
  • We will see how the market evolves, but launching with a higher price than direct competition and not a single goal for leaving 1400 is a risky option.

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