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Ring Fit Adventure – Description, Controls, Specifications, and Tips


Ring Fit Adventure: Switch game

  • We tested the Ring Fit Adventure, the Nintendo Switch game that the Japanese company launches today.
  • The great novelty, a peripheral, turns the player’s movements into an active part of the adventure.
  • However, testing the Ring Fit Adventure, I discover that I can no longer blame the avatar or the controller.
  • And if I am slow, I do not run enough. I become a human controller where my arms extend to a ring called the Ring-Con, which I can (and must) steer to turn.
  • Or which I squeeze or grow to shoot or catch coins. My legs are also monitoring by the left control, which I have tied to one of my thighs.

The controls of Ring Fit Adventure

  • The Joy-Con (the controls of the Nintendo Switch) equips with gyroscopes and accelerometers that measure the speed and position in which we are.
  • One locates on the hoop, the other on our leg.
  • Thanks to the technology they have incorporated, they detect if we are pressing, releasing, walking, and jogging.
  • If our character has to climb stairs, you better raise your knees to move forward.
  • And also, if you are going to kill a monster by shooting at the bow, stretch it very hard and shoot (aim doesn’t count).

Who is this game for?

  • Is it for children or adults? Enrique Marcellan, public relations at Nintendo Spain.
  • He responds: “We design it so that both children, people who want to exercise and adults can enjoy it because there are people who find sport monotonous or people who end up bored running and music plays.
  • But with this game you don’t realize that you are running all the time”.
  • As soon as you start, you have to calibrate our profile.
  • It means defining our age, weight, gender(with the option of not identifying with any of them) and, above all, what physical intensity we choose, as well as how much sport we usually do.
  • This initial configuration takes a while – not too long – but it is essential to be patient and calibrate our actual physical capacity well to avoid becoming excessively tired and discouraged.
  • On the contrary, getting bored, It’s not just about choosing your avatar with the external characteristics that you like (which you want too).
  • It’s more about telling the console: I’m this age, I’m used to doing x exercise, and I choose the intermediate level, for example.
  • The game will then adapt these characteristics to the adventure and will not require you to do as many squats as in the advanced level, for example.

Ring Fit Adventure Tips

  • Another tip that should be taken into account when calibrating it is when it asks you to tighten or stretch the ring to your maximum strength.
  • Please do not go overboard and do it to the maximum of your capacity because it detects that this is your limit.
  • You will demand that level whenever you have to press it during the game (and you will end up exhausted, believe me).

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