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  • What You Can Do With a Router’s Parental Controls
  1. Limiting Internet Usage
  2. Setting Off-Limits Websites and Platforms
  3. Pausing the Internet
  4. Creating User Profiles for Every Family Member
  • Key Takeaways

You should be very careful about the kind of internet equipment you are using because it directly impacts your household’s security and your child’s safety. Good quality, reliable and advanced routers come with parental controls that you can use to guarantee safety and protection for your children. Some people are even investing in VPN for TP-Link router to achieve the utmost anonymity.

Mediacom Xtream internet packages come with a security suite that also includes parental controls from you to make use of. It is crucial that you choose your ISP in accordance with your security needs so there are no compromises. ISPs like Mediacom care about your internet security, and therefore not only provide you with a security suite, but also advanced and powerful internet equipment that doesn’t put your security at risk.

What You Can Do With a Router’s Parental Controls

If you are wondering whether or not a router with parental controls is worth it, here are some of the few ways in which you can make the most out of parental controls.

Limiting Internet Usage

If you have teenagers in the house, who tend to overuse the internet on school nights, you will definitely need this feature.

Parental controls in various routers let you limit internet usage by simply setting them up. So, by using the router’s control app or its desktop version, you can simply set up a time when your teenagers can use the internet and a time when the internet will not be available.

This switching of the internet on or off will happen automatically once you have set the schedule. You can also increase the limit on special occasions, such as during exams week, or reduce the limitation on weekends and summer holidays. Limiting internet usage can also be a good way of ensuring less and controlled screen time for your children.

Setting Off-Limits Websites and Platforms

The internet is packed with websites and platforms that can be age-inappropriate. Not only this, but these platforms can be a huge distraction for your kid from their studies. Some platforms and websites can also adversely affect their mental well-being.

Many parents give up and think there is no way for them to stop their kids from using these websites. With a router that has parental controls, this problem can be averted.

You can set limits on what websites, apps, and other such platforms are on your home network. For example, you can allow research websites and online libraries for your child’s homework, but block websites that encourage teenagers to indulge in inappropriate activities. If you don’t want your child to spend their time playing online games, you can even set those off-limits.

Parents with younger kids who use the internet for watching poems and cartoons can also make great use of this feature. As a result of setting off-limit websites, your child will not even mistakenly visit an inappropriate website.

Pausing the Internet

There are times when you don’t want your child to be using the internet at all. This could be during quality family time, prayer time, or when your child is doing their homework, and you don’t want them distracted.

Not just this, but sometimes keeping the internet on when no one is using it can mean consumption of data without you knowing. There are many background apps and processes that continue to eat up your data and bandwidth.

Any good router with parental control functionality will let you momentarily “pause” the internet. Your phone and other devices will not be connected or be able to use the internet. Therefore, you can ensure that the internet is not being used by your child while they are away in their room for homework.

Creating User Profiles for Every Family Member

Many parents avoid using parental control such as pausing the internet or limiting some websites because they don’t want to limit their own usage alongside. However, there is a solution for that too. Your router with parental controls functionality is mostly likely to have a feature that lets you create multiple user profiles.

This way, you can have a personalized profile for each member, starting from parents (the adults), to teenagers (the young adults), and to little kids. Consequently, age-appropriate content will be available for everyone without blocking anyone else’s access to their desired content.

Key Takeaways

If you are residing in Iowa, there is some good news for you. You no longer have to worry about your home network security and keep your kids under surveillance while they are using the internet. Thanks to Mediacom Waterloo, Iowa, you get a security suite with all your high-speed internet packages and a number of parental controls too.

  • You can set off-limit websites, internet schedules, and create a separate profile for every user in the house with a router that has parental controls.
  • Creating separate profiles for each user will ensure that no one gets in the way of every user accessing content that is appropriate for them.
  • Parental controls in a router are a cheap and effective way of controlling your internet usage. You can use the internet pause feature to save up your data.

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