Salvage Data: The Easiest Way to Do It


There’s nothing worse than accidentally deleting irreplaceable photos, videos, and files. Don’t make the same mistake twice with SanDisk Rescue Pro Deluxe. This software lets you securely restore documents, email, and photo files that you accidentally deleted with the click of a mouse. This essential software comes with a convenient Recovery Manager to help make the recovery process fast and easy.

Have you ever needed to recover a deleted file? You might be surprised at the number of people who require this service. Whether it’s sending an important message or retrieving a document, deleting a file often means you’ve lost it permanently. The Rescue PRO Deluxe software restores photos and documents from standard hard drives and solid state drives, as well as from designed for use with the SanDisk® Memory Zone app.

The SanDisk Rescue PRO Deluxe Software

Get back lost files from your external solid-state drive with Rescue PRO Deluxe. Rescue PRO combines powerful data recovery software with a simple and attractive interface. Just connect your disk, launch the application and scan for lost images, documents, mail, video, music or just about anything that can be saved to your external SSD.

Recover your valuable data fast with Rescue PRO Deluxe software on Sandisk flash drives. This high-speed software gives you a chance to restore your valuable files, including video and photos, as easily as clicking a mouse button. You can handle the job quickly, thanks to intuitive design which uses only basic steps for a streamlined workflow. A wizard-based interface gets you started in seconds, guiding you through the entire recovery process step by step.

Digital Photo Recovery

Are you looking for a way to recover deleted photos on your digital camera? Our Digital Photo Recovery software uses a high performance media scanning engine to thoroughly scan and recover all lost photos and image files from any media, including flash cards and hard drives. Even if the files have been erased, reformatted or corrupted, our software can find and recover them!

Digital Photo Recovery allows you to scan a drive or memory card for deleted photos and save them to your computer. Whether you’ve accidentally deleted files from your Camera, MicroSD card, USB flash drive, or hard disk, it’s easy to recover.

Automatic Recovery Options

With Automatic Recovery Options for Salvage Data, you can quickly recover IT equipment and save them. Just choose an Automatic Recovery option and then select a recovery path. After you click Recover Save Data, QuickBooks automatically recovers the data without any user interaction.

Recover Data Tools

Is very easy to use and right tools. That’s recover your computer data. Had you know, computer and all external devices are active in which our large number of days and different types of files we want to save. On our PC but sometime mistake any accidently happened like, the central processing unit from fire, virus attack, human blunders etc then your data will be lost and important files so need a Recover Data that tool can help for salvaging your files.

Recover data directly from your hard drive, or memory card/flash drive/SD card. Recover deleted photos even if they’ve been emptied from the Recycle Bin. Get back data lost due to deletion, formatting, OS crashes, virus attacks, etc. Quickly find the files you need with powerful filters and a clear preview.