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A Buyer’s Guide to Servers


Servers – If you’re a new business owner growing their business, you’ve probably thought about investing in a server for your company. If you’re hiring new staff and have grown to more than a company of 3 or 4, then it’s time to finally invest in that server.

The word data center servers can refer to a number of different devices, such as software, hardware, and functionality of the device. A server can protect your data and store it in a secure location that you can access any time you want to. They’ll store as much or as little data as you need so their great little devices to have handy when you’re growing your company.

There are a lot of different options to choose from when it comes to servers. They all come in different shapes, sizes, and specifications and it can be overwhelming when you go to make your purchase. You want to make sure you’re purchasing the right server for your business and your needs. Don’t let yourself buy just anything to get it over with. Make sure you’re purchasing something that you can use and that will last as your business grows.

Here’s a look at my buyer’s guide to help you choose the server that’s right for you!

Pick a Server that will stay relevant as your Company Grows

Yes, you’re a small business, but you’re also a growing one. While you might have a staff of five right now, in a year or two from now, you may need a staff of fifty in order to function properly. You never know.

If you’re getting a server, you need to find one that’s going to have the capacity to grow with your company. Don’t pick one that can host a staff often if you already are a staff often. That could be irrelevant in a year. Pick something that has enough room to hold the data of a much larger staff. That way you won’t have to purchase another new server in a year or two because it no longer fits your needs.

While I’m saying buy a server that would benefit a larger company, be realistic. You’re not Amazon which has millions of customers and staff. You don’t need the biggest most expensive services out there, you just need one that can exceed your needs as you grow into a larger company.

For ways to help scale your company, follow the link below. It may just help you become a better business person. https://www.startupdonut.co.uk/scale-up-your-business/how-to-scale-up-your-business/10-top-tips-on-scaling-your-business

Determine how much space you realistically have for your server


A lot of people skip over this in order to find a server with all the right specifications. Don’t do this. You only have so much room in your office and you don’t want your server taking up more than its share.

If you’re looking for something that can conserve space, a rackmount server is a perfect option. You can stack them in a rack and hold multiple servers together. This is a great option for small businesses that are looking to grow. That way if you need another server you can add it to the rack system and it won’t take up any more space.

Another option is a tower server. These look just like a regular desktop computer  They come in many shapes and sizes and don’t require any additional racks. The only downside is that they take up more room. If you aren’t bothered by this prospect, then you should be fine.

Create a Budget

You can’t just go out there and blow all your money on the most expensive server you see. It’s just not a good idea. You don’t need the most expensive or fanciest server you can find. You just need one that fits your company’s needs.

I recommend deciding on what you want to spend before you go shopping for a server. Servers can cost thousands of dollars and their price ranges vary. Having a set price or budget before you decide on what server you get will help you decrease your options and make sure you’re only looking at servers within your price range.

If you need help with budgeting in general, that’s ok. A lot of people aren’t good at budgeting. Click here for more details.

Check for Warranties

Warranties on electrical gadgets have saved my life and my wallet over the years. There’s nothing worse than accidentally breaking something or damaging the item beyond repair. Thieves can also cause a hindrance by stealing your property and leaving you without.

Warranties are the bread and butter of the consumer. They allow us to ensure our items of recent purchases so if something unfortunate happens, you can get them back. Ask your server salesmen if they offer a dealership. With something as important and as expensive as a new server, it’s important that you make sure you’re protecting your investment.

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