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Spider Man PS4 – Adventure Game, Development, Fascinating World, and More


Spider Man PS4: Super-hero Adventure

Marvel’s Spider Man PS4 hits stores around the world this Friday and is Sony’s big launch for the end of the year.

However, there is a place where you still have a more privileged view: the antenna that crowns the highest point of this skyscraper built-in 1931.

It’s 443 meters high, even in a video game, and dressed as Spider-Man. From there, the panorama of the city is simply spectacular.

Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 hits stores around the world this Friday and is Sony’s big launch for the end of the year.

The new adventure of the superhero is created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

It is an ambitious action title with nothing to envy of the big block busters that have flooded theaters for a few years.


  • What’s more, the game created by the Californian developer Insomniac Games ( Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance ) could be a catalyst for the arrival of more superheroes to the interactive medium.
  • Video games and superheroes have not always united their superpowers, and it has not been because they have not tried.
  • There are honorable exceptions, such as the celebrated Batman Arkham series, but generally, they are not unique titles.
  • Spider-Man himself has starred in dozens of video games over forty years.
  • Although some have been more than decent, it has never been possible to emulate that emotion that comics have always given off entirely.
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man saves the classic moment of the sting, the birth of the hero, and the discovery of his powers that we have seen and read so many times.

Action Game

  • Instead, he prefers to go straight to the action. As soon as we start, we are already a veteran Spider-Man.
  • One who has already fought against all the villains becomes independent from his beloved Aunt May and has even broken up with his girlfriend, Mary Jane.
  • Contrary to what Peter Parker’s young face may appear, Spider-Man is a hardened hero, and this is one of the critical points in his latest video game adaptation.
  • Bryan Intihar directed the title, and Ryan Smith knows how to play his cards right from the start.
  • He is aware that the player wants to swing through the streets of New York, kick the butt of thugs while spouting bad jokes.
  • And see J. Jonah Jameson explode with rage at the heroic deeds of “friend and neighbor” Spider-Man.
  • For this reason, the decision is so right —on the other hand, logical— to offer a sandbox-style game, that is, in which we can go where we want and do anything.

Marvel’s Fascinating World

  • The Manhattan of Marvel’s Spider-Man is a fascinating open world.
  • Those who know the city will recognize the affection and level of detail transferred to the video game.
  • It is a title that enters through the eyes and, precisely, this is one of the crucial elements of the experience that it promises.
  • Swinging between skyscrapers in style is something fun in itself.
  • Although at first, it is customary to hit each other every two by three, after a few hours.
  • The game manages to transmit to the player that feeling of having integrated control and make them enjoy while performing pirouettes and impossible jumps.
  • As if it were an Assassin’s Creed, as the player progresses in the adventure.
  • He must climb to certain buildings to obtain a map of the area and receive the secondary missions and collectibles’ location.
  • One is free to choose whether to dedicate himself solely to the main story missions or to entertain himself with these small missions.
  • In a few moments, the player forces to perform the secondary tasks.

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