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In today’s world, VPN is necessary to use all kinds of public to communicate its message. So, what are VPNs used for? At a basic level, VPNs protect your privacy online to help prevent you from being targeted by hackers or discriminated against based on location. While VPNs were once novel tech solutions, they are now necessary tools.

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Virtual Private Network Write For Us

Virtual Private Network Write For Us

VPN stands for “virtual private network” — a service that helps you stay private online by encrypting the connection between your device and the internet. This secure connection provides a secret tunnel for your data and communications while you use public networks.

If you’re still unclear on the meaning of a VPN, imagine the internet as a kind of highway that we zip around on motorcycles. We visited our favorite locations (websites), shopped, checked our stock portfolio, read the news, played games, and so on.

Sitting on the motorcycle, you’re completely visible. Anyone can peek into your private life along these digital highways. It’s easy to see your identity, online activity, and more. Worse, they can follow you home. You’re traceable.

What does a VPN do?

Instead of sending your internet traffic (search, pages visited, uploads, downloads) directly to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), a VPN first routes your traffic through a VPN server. That way, when your data finally transmits to the internet, it appears to come from the VPN server, not your device.

Without a VPN, your IP address — a particular number unique to your network — is visible to the web. A VPN mask IP address by acting as an intermediary and rerouting traffic. It also adds encryption, or tunnel around your identity, as you connect. The combination of a VPN server and the encryption tunnel blocks your ISP, government, hacker, and anyone else from spying on you as you navigate the web.

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How does it Work?

VPNs work by routing a device’s internet connection via a specially configured remote server network administered by the VPN service. It means that all data shared across a VPN connection is not only encrypted. It’s masked behind a virtual IP address, allowing you to hide your identity and location.

History of VPNs — When was the VPN Invented?

Microsoft first developed The Virtual Private Network in 1996 as a way for remote employees to access the company’s internal network securely. Corporate VPNs allow remote work, now a standard feature of the global business landscape. When it doubled company productivity, other companies began to adopt the practice.

Developers then realized that this secure “tunnel” could be used by average people who wanted to connect the world’s largest network: the World Wide Web. VPNs are now a basis of online privacy in the consumer sector.

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