What Makes Instagram So Popular In 2022?


Instagram – There’s no denying that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms around in 2022. Statistics show that in 2021 alone, there were 1.21 billion people using Instagram every month, and that number is scheduled to grow to around 1.44 billion by the time 2025 rolls around. With that in mind, it’s fair to say that if you’re not on Instagram as a business or as an individual, then you’re missing out on a potentially huge crowd, especially if you’re looking to become an influencer. Still, you might be wondering: what exactly makes Instagram so popular? Why does it have so much cultural cachet? Well, let’s talk about it. Here’s why Instagram is still enjoying a huge level of popularity in 2022.

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It’s massively influential

Brands, businesses, and other platforms all look to Instagram to see where cultural trends are at and where they should be aiming their marketing campaigns. That’s why platforms like ProfileFollower are in such high demand; since they fill accounts with organic followers, they’re sought after by influencers and brands looking to build their Instagram following and so increase their cultural clout. To put it simply, the amount of influence Instagram has over the social media world can’t be overstated.

It’s fun

Of course, no social media platform would succeed if it wasn’t just fun to post on. Instagram, thankfully, has this aspect down pat. It’s just great fun to post content on Instagram; whether you’re posing for the perfect shot or screenshotting your phone’s Notes so you can share some long-form thoughts, you’ll enjoy the dopamine rush of posting some content and then watching as the likes and comments roll in. Since Instagram is such an immediate platform, it showcases this aspect of social media perhaps better than its competitors do.

Stories give you a chance to tell a tale

One of Instagram’s most popular features is its Stories tab, which can be found at the very top of the main Instagram window on your phone. When you build a Story, you can assemble a series of images or short videos into a linear narrative, telling your followers whatever kind of tale you want. Do you want to tell people all about your day? Perhaps there’s a cause you want to draw attention to? Stories is an easy, straightforward way to do so, and Instagram nails this feature much better than other social media platforms do in our opinion.

The design is Intuitive

Some social media apps take a while to get to grips with, which is lethal for their longevity. Instagram is the opposite, however; it just works, and as soon as you download it for your smartphone, you’ll pretty much know exactly how you’re supposed to use it. You can easily find all of Instagram’s functionality right from the main home screen, and creating and uploading content has been made easier than ever since the app launched back in 2010, too.

You can get Famous on Instagram

There are a number of celebrities and influencers who became famous just by using Instagram (in conjunction with other social media platforms, of course). In many ways, while Instagram didn’t invent the concept of an influencer, it certainly popularised influencer culture, thus leading many social media luminaries to decide to ditch their day jobs and take up careers on Instagram and the wider social media world instead. If you have the right content and the right attitude, it’s entirely possible to get famous just by posting on Instagram!

It’s easy to Interact with Others

One aspect of social media that often goes under-reported or underappreciated is the ability to communicate with others. Sure, you can post all the content you like, but if it’s not easy for other people to like and comment on that content – and, indeed, for you to return the favour – then the app isn’t going to feel particularly rewarding to use. It makes DMing, commenting, and liking content very easy indeed, which creates a sense of community and makes followers feel more like a family than a social media audience.

There are in-depth Business Metrics available

Businesses and brands love Instagram because of how easy it is to check your metrics. You can see just how many people are engaging with your content and how your campaigns are performing if you’re a business on Insta, and you don’t need to download any specialised tools to do it (although external and third-party tools certainly do exist). Using this data, businesses can then improve their operations and target audiences better, which means that Instagram isn’t just a great platform for end users, but for businesses as well.

Instagram has a Strong Brand Identity

Of course, there are many reasons that Instagram is popular just by virtue of how it operates and the market niches it fills, but one undeniable reason that Instagram is popular in 2022 is simply that it has a strong brand identity. It has been building its brand since 2010, and it’s now indelibly associated with social media. If you’ve ever heard musicians, celebrities, or any other kind of influencers talk about “the ‘gram”, you’re seeing Instagram’s strong brand identity reinforcement in action.

Images are more Memorable

Another reason why Instagram is so popular is that images are far more engaging and memorable than text. Studies have shown that we’re more likely to remember content if it’s accompanied by either images or video, both of which Insta excels at. In fact, research suggests that our brains process images and video up to 60,000 times faster than text, which goes to demonstrate just how effective Instagram content is if you want to communicate an idea or a concept.