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Best Anime 2019 – Description and Three Best Anime Series 2019


What is Best Anime Series?

Best Anime 2019 – We want to meet the editorial staff members of this section to comment on which have been the Best Anime 2019 series broadcast during the year.

We want to clarify that it is a totally subjective list according to what we have seen in any case.

You may feel identified with some of the names you read below. But you may also find it completely crazy that others are there.

Nothing happens; that’s what it’s about because variety must always be accepted.

We want to comment that all these titles are the first or only seasons whose broadcast took place in 2019, so we exclude any continuation.

For Best Anime 2019, its arrangement is restricted solely and exclusively to an alphabetical numbering.

The Best Animes of 2019

We do not seek to point out which is the best work of the year but recommend the most captivating series.

1. Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo (Lay-duce)

  • That the adolescent stage is one of the most complicated in human life, we all know.
  • We have taken it to hundreds of works, romanticized, denied, and represented in hundreds of different ways.
  • Always influencing experiences and the idea of change that accompanies what is sensed as the basis of our own life.
  • Mari Okada, adapted by a strong Lay-duce —and directed by veteran Masahiro Ando.

2. Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo

  • A representation that shows in different planes the emotional and sentimental explosion that this stage of our lives brings with it.
  • Without having to embrace complexities, weaves a work as natural as it is alive that evokes all the nostalgic feeling possible.
  • A line that divides into the different girls who serve as the main campus of the work and who dares to show the reflection of each one.
  • Interposing their paths and leading an emotional drama that, without having to escape from everyday space, manages to narrate a story of concerns.
  • And also, they have confusion and first-time loves capable of disguising itself in multiple tonalities.
  • They have merging with ourselves in a search for personal identity on which it is difficult not to see ourselves reflecting in it.

3. Babylon (Revoroot)

  • Babylon is Best Anime 2019 and is a work that is presented under certain premises.
  • Recursive, known, perhaps even weak, in the first instance.
  • Not only does it do so on a structure as recursive as the idea of justice.
  • But it also has negative connotations in its antecedents.
  • It is a delivery that manages to rise on its shaky base to establish itself as one of the thrillers of the moment.
  • They are captivating the viewer with suspense that manages to go beyond the sum of its points.
  • It is beyond its political plot, beyond his depiction of corruption, and beyond death itself.
  • It is also that the work adapts on the lines of Mado Nozaki is about it.
  • And also, it is about our right to die and all the connotations that this entails.
  • A story with a unique background, full of points that, despite their strategic importance.
  • They relegate to the background to allow the clash between justice and death to be the only possible protagonist of his fiction.

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