Best Reasons Why .NET Core is Great for Building Business Apps


Thanks to innovative technologies, digital applications significantly increase the opportunities for commercial business. And with the advent of .NET Core from Microsoft, the possibilities have become even wider – ensuring high performance and scalability. Professionals can create applications that meet the needs of the modern world Using a modular platform for developing software.

What is .NET Core?

.NET Core is a dedicated modular playground used for open-source software development. This platform enables the creation of innovative cloud applications connected to the Internet. The .NET MAUI extension is a cross-platform playground for building your applications. This cross-platform tool uses C# and XAML. Therefore, using a single database, it is possible to develop applications for several operating systems: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Tizen.

Top Reasons to Use .NET Core in Development

This modular platform has a number of the following advantages, thanks to which it is used in many projects:

  • .NET Core is used by several platforms Linux, Windows, macOS4;
  • possibility of interaction between written codes in different programming languages;
  • the presence of a converted CLR environment – a virtuality system for creating IL code in the process of execution;
  • provides support for cloud applications and Internet-connected things;
  • there is no need for licensed operating systems to use .NET Core.
  • a library with classes, interfaces, and various values that are interconnected with the functionality provided to specialists;
  • .NET Core has the functionality to create IDEs in various kinds of applications.

.NET is a robust and versatile framework that provides a wide range of tools and libraries, making it ideal for developing powerful and scalable applications. Additionally, the .NET community is vibrant and constantly evolving, ensuring continuous support and updates for your projects.

When it comes to professional work, turning to experts with years of experience in .NET development is crucial. Seasoned professionals possess in-depth knowledge of the framework, its best practices, and common pitfalls to avoid. They can leverage their expertise to architect efficient solutions, optimize performance, and ensure code reliability. Learn more about the best practices for .NET development applications at the link:

Top Reasons to Use .NET Core in Development

Building logistics and supply chains

This modular platform is a powerful source for improved response time efficiency, significantly improving productivity. It allows you to control the scalability provided by embedded applications. Due to this, it is more convenient for users to track ordered products online, and organizations will have the opportunity to manage vast amounts of information.

Dynamic sites and applications

.NET Core allows you to develop websites and web applications with the MVC architectural layout proportion, which has a multilingual runtime that enables developers to use different programming languages ​​created by Microsoft when writing codes. Switching to other languages within the site’s boundaries and synchronizing outdated applications with innovative developments is also possible.

Mobile applications of a native nature

The .NET Core framework can be used on Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems. This compatibility provides dominance over other existing frameworks. There are also increasing opportunities associated with the .NET ecosystem that supports the creation of mobile applications. Unlike other frameworks, this modular site has no restrictions when accessing different platforms.

Building cloud applications for Business

This cross-platform platform can be used to develop a platform-independent application. Consequently, specialists can use CLI management tools and deploy enterprise applications in the cloud. It provides the ability to create one application that operates on various sites.

Internet of Things (IoT) systems

In the modern world, devices with artificial intelligence – wearable devices – are actively spreading. And .NET Core can create websites based on the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things depends on a degree of reliability and cloud integration to develop the appropriate technology with the best possible user experience. And this framework has a massive bandwidth that allows you to develop IoT applications.

Ensuring Application Reliability

For commercial purposes, an essential factor is a high degree of security from external unauthorized influences. The .NET Core framework is also used to secure an organization’s platform’s cybersecurity, thanks to several methods that allow you to develop highly efficient modular code and innovative structures – microservices, APIs, and more.

Developer Opportunities

.NET Core is modular and scalable, which means it can be used to create microservices. It is supported by Microsoft – the central ecosystem is hosted on GitHub and managed by Microsoft and the open-source community. It is important for beginners.

.NET Core provides the ability to develop high-performance software products that are flexible and quiet, and the interface is responsible for smooth operation. This modular playground provides many customization options, increasing your development options. It allows you to detect cybersecurity issues that can be corrected promptly.

Application architecture. With the help of this framework, it becomes possible to choose the application architecture that is necessary for a particular organization and meets its requirements. Since this modular platform is not tied to Microsoft systems, operating systems, or servers, you can choose a less expensive option outside the Microsoft domain. As the business grows, it is essential to control the financial costs of the software infrastructure. Creating applications using the .NET ecosystem allows you to scale at different software development stages with the development of the organization’s business.

It can deploy quickly. The .NET core enables rapid deployment through containerization (a built-in feature from Microsoft). Thus, the possibility of deployment in various operating systems is provided.


Based on the preceding, this modular platform is an almost universal product for developing websites and web applications. The created products will be highly efficient and productive, allowing scaling depending on the change in load.