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Call PC – How to Make A Phone Call from Computer?

Call PC


Microsoft’s Your Mobile app for Android can route photos, received notifications, and text messages to your Windows 10 PC. Its latest feature update adds somewhat even more useful the facility to make and receive calls on your PC without ever reaching for your phone. Even if you need to use a mobile device, the app can allow you to seamlessly transfer calls between your PC and phone.

Setting things up isn’t difficult, although there are some requirements you should be aware of before diving into the steps below. You’ll need a PC (any type, desktop or laptop, x64 or ARM-based) running Windows 10, version 1803 or higher, and any phone running Android, version 7.0 or higher.

What is Call PC?

Dial Interface

Advantages of calling from computer

This is often easier if you are already working from your computer.

Are you working on your laptop at the coffee shop and want to make a quick phone call? Just make a call from your computer, without taking out your cell phone.

It is more profitable

One of the advantages of making phone calls from your computer is that it can be much cheaper than making regular phone calls. Many VoIP providers basically give you free calls as part of their (usually very cheap) paid plans. And they often also allow you to make international calls without incurring huge costs.

Call PC Process

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