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Gaming news- Information, Latest Series, Technology, and More


Latest Gaming NewsLatest Gaming News

  • Gaming news is like getting an Xbox Series X will continue to be very difficult, at least until June: these are the possible reasons.
  • Getting an Xbox Series X is an almost impossible mission. You have to pay the surcharge imposed by the infamous ‘ scalpers ‘ (resellers).
  • Available units “fly” as soon as a store offers them to users. The supply is scarce, the demand enormous.
  • The problem is far from being solved. Microsoft has confirmed that there will continue to be problems getting an Xbox Series X until June.
  • The new Xbox Series S / X (somewhat less in the S) and the PS5 have become, like the latest generation graphics cards, prized products.

The component shortage is a fact

  • The shortage of units makes buying those consoles or cards at recommended prices today almost impossible.
  • If one is in a hurry, the only option is to go to the resale market that has “exploded” on sites like eBay.
  • And also, it makes an Xbox Series X cost at least 100 euros more than its official price.
  • The ‘scalpers’ or resellers are doing their particular August, and neither eBay nor Microsoft or the stores that sell the consoles is officially putting a stop to that problem.
  • Stadia focuses on allowing you to play games in the cloud: it closes its studio because making your games does not pay off.
  • The launch of Stadia was not one, but two: together with the video game streaming service, Stadia Games and Entertainment was present.
  • It an internal development studio that intended to create its titles (‘ first party ‘) under the direction of Jade Raymond.
  • That study is now closed. Google has announced on the official Stadia blog that it is abandoning its video game production and will focus entirely on its cloud service.
  • Stadia will do what it does well.
  • The company created its first studio in Montreal in 2019 and acquired developer Typhoon Studios (‘ Journey to the Savage Planet ‘).
  • In March 2020, he opened a new studio in Los Angeles, but less than a year later, he has decided to close both studios.

Trending gaming news

  • With the Nintendo Switch being a bestseller, Nintendo confirms it has no plans to release a new model anytime soon.
  • Nintendo has poured a jug of cold water on the heads of all those who expected the Japanese to renew their portable console this year.
  • Since 2018 we have been hearing about a possible Nintendo Switch Pro, which would have 4K resolution and a more powerful processor.
  • Bloomberg announced that we would see it in 2021, but Nintendo has been in charge of denying it.
  • According to company president Shuntaro Furukawa, there are no plans to announce a new Switch model soon.
  • While it is true that the company works on special editions, such as ‘Monster Hunter,’ it seems that the changes will be at the aesthetic level, but not at the hardware level.
  • Barring Nintendo’s surprise at the end of the year, it seems that the much-rumored Switch Pro will be begging for.
  • And you could almost say that it makes sense because the original Switch is a big seller.

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