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Live Gaming Platforms Write For Us – Live Gaming Platforms is an activity where people broadcast themselves while playing a game to a live audience on the Internet. The repetition became popular in the mid-2010s on the US site Twitch and later spread to YouTube, Facebook, the Chinese sites Huya Live, DouYu and Bilibili, and other services. By 2014, Twitch streams had more traffic than HBO’s online streaming service HBO Go. Although, Professional streamers often combine high-end gaming with entertaining commentary and generate revenue from sponsors, subscriptions, ad revenue, and donations.

Live Gaming Platforms Write For Us

Both AAA and independent developers got around rising development costs by using Live Gaming Platforms ads for free. Indie games like Fall Guys, Rocket League, and Among Us are examples of games that have significantly increased player numbers due to streaming. Esports has also received significant support and attention due to the availability of live streaming, and streaming has even been used to raise awareness of social issues and funds for charity.

Live streaming offers the allure of turning the hobby of playing a video game into a full-time streaming career. Still, it comes with the risks associated with that added notoriety, whether inside a video game, as a sniper, or in real life, like chasing and hitting. Furthermore, the low bar for entry in terms of technology and viewership allows a wide range of streams and games to be streamed.


Live Gaming Platforms streaming as a profession allows people to play their favourite games while maintaining their livelihood. As they gain more subscribers through constant streaming and marketing, streamers can use the tools of most streaming platforms like subscriptions, donations, or advertising to support themselves. Although, On some live streaming platforms, such as Douyu and Huya Live, viewers can tip streamers with virtual gifts. Streamers can also become sponsors or offer rewards to viewers through contests or games to promote their channel and increase viewership and monetization. Some competitions offer big cash prizes for the winner. Fortune pro player Bugha won $3 million at the Fortnite World Championship in July 2019. Additionally, streamers can control their work schedule, and their success on your platform can provide a strong sense of personal accomplishment. Video game streaming appeals to many with the opportunity to turn the hobby of playing video games into a lucrative video streaming career, in addition to the social benefits of being famous with a large audience and semi-celebrity status.


Live Gaming Platforms are at risk of becoming victims of harassment, as is often the case with other public figures. For instance, a teenage viewer showed up uninvited at a streamer’s house and asked to stream with him, saving up for a one-way transcontinental flight. Another risk to streamers is swatting, where someone makes a false report to the police about severe criminal activity at the streamer’s home, resulting in a police raid that is often captured by the streaming service instead. Such activity can pose a severe risk to the streamer and even lead to loss of life. During the 2017 Wichita shooting, police officers killed a man named Andrew Finch at his Kansas home. Finch was the unwitting victim of being hit after two Call of Duty players from the same team got into a heated argument over a $1.50 bet. LAPD arrested 25-year-old serial fly swatter Tyler Raj Barriss, known online as “SWAuTistic” and “GoredTutor36,” in connection with the incident, who was later sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for the crime. In another incident, a streamer named Jamie Lynn Greenwood was beaten while playing Minecraft. Slapping is a dangerous act of slapstick that can be a severe problem for those involved.

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