Top Apps to Use During March Madness


The moment the annual NCAA March Madness season arrives, thousands of supporters across the United States join the frenzy in preparing themselves to tune in on the action. Some may have plans to attend the basketball tournament games, while others may choose to watch the games in the comfort of their home with friends and family. 

When we merge technology and sports, the first things that come to mind are March Madness bets and the convenience we have of accessing resourceful data like March Madness predictions. However,  technology also makes it possible for us to enjoy hobbies like watching our favorite March Madness games on our smartphones. 

So, if you happen to be a fan of the basketball tournament and are looking for the best apps that you can download to tune in on the action, well, you’re in luck because we’ve put together a list of top apps that you can install to watch your March Madness games. 

Your Top Smartphone Apps

College Basketball Radio

College Basketball Radio is a great app for fans who enjoy the radio experience of listening in on all the action. If you find yourself on the go and unable to watch the game on your mobile device, then the app can be an amazing alternative to keep you in the loop without you needing to focus on your favorite games visually. 

The app comes with a simple UI and is also said to be really simple to use. Here, its developers focus primarily on the app’s audio functions and not necessarily the design, and this is to ensure that you have proper access to information like the latest news fix, standings, data scores, and schedules. The app also includes additional features that users can use to customize their experiences. 

To listen to the radio, you will need an internet connection, and we advise using a WiFi connection as your mobile data may run out at some point. But nevertheless, the app comes with an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars; therefore, you can be confident in knowing that it certainly serves its purpose, as many users would highly recommend it.  

Sports Alerts

Sports Alerts- NCAA Basketball edition is a live score app that focuses primarily on NCAA basketball. It comes with a simple design, and that’s because developers focus all their attention on the actual content of the games, including the stats and data that go with them as well. As it stands, the app has one of the highest ratings in being one of the best live score apps for basketball. 

Not only does it deliver match results, but it also offers a ton of other information that could be very useful to you. Notifications are configurable, so you have the option to choose what you would like to be notified on, and the app provides users with full team rosters, conference standings, team schedules, and AP ranking. Believe it or not, the app is free to download and use; however, there are in-app purchases for those looking for some additional perks. 

Men’s College Basketball

It doesn’t take much to figure out what the Men’s College Basketball app is about since its name basically does all the explaining. With a simple design, the app is known to deliver a ton of information that’s beneficial to fans who are invested in college basketball. 

The app works to deliver live scores to your smartphone with the support of push notifications. Although it doesn’t offer as many options as some of the other apps mentioned on the list, it remains a pretty useful app. Here, you can check out the live game, game preview matchups, and box score stats while keeping an eye on the AP top 25 rankings too. 

To make the app even more appealing to March Madness fans, the app comes with TV listings. Plus, it includes features that allow you to customize schedules according to your preference and filter your account according to teams, conferences, and divisions.